Resident Evil Village – Review

The horror soap becomes a black tale. The Grimm brothers had been proud.

Capcom’s minimum level has been hysterical in recent years. Resident Evil 2 (and 3), Monster Hunter World (and the expansion Iceborne), Monster Hunter Rise, VR horror Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. This summer, I am sure that the triumphal procession will continue to be forgotten Great Ace Attorneythe duo is finally released in the west.

But sooner or later the trend will be broken. Trends always do that.

Of course, it could go downhill already today, with Resident Evil Village. It is a sequel that takes significant risks. Instead of drowning ourselves in the crippling horror of the seven – not least in virtual reality – they turn the knob to the action level. Mold zombies become flocks of werewolves and the dark house in the swamp becomes a remote village in Eastern Europe with damp caves, underground factories and a Gothic castle that towers over everything. Action + village + castle signals Resident Evil 4.

And how daring and / or brave is it not to follow up one of history’s greatest action works?

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What is it?

The eighth or fifty-eleventh part (depending on how you count) in Capcom’s eternally young, eternally undead horror series.






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