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Returnal is a fairly typical roguelite action game, firmly inflated to a relatively luxurious big game status.

Housemarque usually makes quite small, tight action games of classic arcade style, but with Returnal have they put on a fancy but somewhat bland AAA suit. The concept is simple. You crash land on an alien planet and every time you die you wake up again at the wreck and have to try again. And as so often when it comes to roguelites, it is important to adjust to the fact that you will die often.

Basically is Returnal a straightforward action game with some bullet hell tendencies of the kind the developers have made themselves known for producing. But this time, they have set out to create a slightly larger, more expensive gaming experience with more focus on narrative and roguelite mechanics rather than high score lists (although such are also available, in a special arcade mode).

The premise itself is still full of potential, both for storytelling and for meta-comments on the gaming medium as such. The most typical comparison is probably with movies like Monday All Week, Palm Springs (which is almost considered a spiritual remake of the Bill Murray classic) or the TV series Russian Doll.

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A fairly typical roguelite game, but with unusually high production values.






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