Review: 7th Sector – SENSES

Atmospheric and neat but a sense of deja-vu is found.

As I have mentioned a number of times so is Danish Inside one of my absolute favorite games. It is atmospheric, with a wonderfully good story and above all, the game mechanics are as fun as it is ingenious and simple. So when I saw the trailer too 7th Sector then I felt that this could be a good substitute until Play Dead releases their next game.

7th Sector - Copyright - Носков Сергей - Screenshot Xbox one

The trailer gives the impression of playing like different robots and other vehicles. That’s not really true. You are an electric flash that is a bit like the Electric Gremlin from Gremlins 2 – The new gang. So instead of controlling robots, you are a current that travels through the electrical system in a dystopian future world.

7th Sector - Copyright - Носков Сергей - Screenshot Xbox one

Later in the game you actually have to take over different robots and control them, but that is after a third of the game is completed, which is far too long before you get to do what you were promised in the trailer. Besides being an electric gremlin far too long, I always get the feeling of déjà vu; now I certainly chose the game mainly for its similarity to Inside – but that the game makers would have taken the entire color palette and the look was also a bit “borrowed” for my taste.

7th Sector - Copyright - Носков Сергей - Screenshot Xbox one

Where 7th Sector really disappointing is that i don’t understand what i am fighting for. IN Inside so you do not understand it at first, but there you can at least connect with a human boy. Here you should care about an electric bug going from one side of the room to the other.

7th Sector - Copyright - Носков Сергей - Screenshot Xbox one

The graphics – although it feels borrowed – are very neat and atmospheric, though 7th Sector lacks that little extra that holds the interest. We had to understand the story a little more clearly to motivate us why we should hop around in the electricity system for hours.

In summary, you get both electrical allergy and déjà vu 7th Sector, but it still provides a couple of hours of entertainment for a little money. So the grade is therefore approved.

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