Review: After the Fall (VR)

You are one of the few survivors in a frozen world, full of zombies. Arm yourself and embark on various missions in this dystopia, either alone, with cures or in the company of four other players. Design new weapons, update your equipment and experience the apocalypse on the first floor.

Press image © 2021 Vertigo Games - After the Fall - Gear up.
Press image: © 2021 Vertigo Games

Virtual reality I tested for the first time in Torvalla Sports Hall under an open house. The VR world at that time was extremely primitive, it was square and did not look very realistic – although already when this happened (25 years ago) there was potential. Now there is a plethora of VR games for home format and most are of very high quality. After the Fall is the best VR game I have tested so far, mainly for the reason that this is adrenaline-fueled action straight from the first box. Several of the other VR games I played all take place in an old horror house and you have to find clues. IN After the Fall then aim to aim right, reload fast and not die from the hordes of zombies attacking you.

The game mechanics are for the most part very good and smartly developed. You choose missions with the help of various arcade games with a laser pick and in this way you can aim through the menus without breaking the values ​​you are in.

Press image © 2021 Vertigo Games - After the Fall - Keep it frosty.
Press image: © 2021 Vertigo Games

You can set exactly how you want to move: I personally want to move as seamlessly as possible and not have lots of vignettes or notches to help. Sure, I get more driving sick from this attitude, but it’s worth it! MAN is really inside the world and when the zombies start attacking you, it’s about aiming right. You have no cheat, digital FPS sight here, but you have to use the weapon as for real and use the sight on top of the weapon to hit right.

You collect various items to update your weapons and equipment and during the journey you will find several new different weapons.

There are some flaws in the game and the most frustrating thing is unfortunately the controls (sometimes). It is not entirely logical how you reload for example. You send the magazine out of the gun with a button, then you move the hand control to the body to reload. That’s how it works, I can say in a stressful situation. I’m sore in the chest because I hit control of the ribs to desperately try to recharge. Good idea, maybe – but it does not always work and it leads to an incredible amount of frustration. Just like in regular games, you go with the left joystick and turn with the right ditto. If you pull the right joystick straight back, you turn 180 degrees. Which in itself is a good feature, but it is not so good when you accidentally pull it back or out of old habit to avoid something. It gets very dizzy, when you suddenly spin around…

Press image © 2021 Vertigo Games - After the Fall - Its inside this room!
Press image: © 2021 Vertigo Games

I prefer to sit down when I play VR games and I did that when I played After the Fall. At first I did not think about it. but the scale felt wrong. I only reached chest height at everyone I met. Then I realized that I was sitting down and when I stood up everything was fine. There is often a choice where you can choose whether you want to sit or stand while playing. That choice does not exist After the Fall, but on the other hand, it is possible to set your length. So I just increased it to the max and vips it was like I got up again. By the way, it’s very fun to see all the other players sitting down and their avatars running around crouching all the time!

The graphics are nice and detailed and there are lots of ingenious pieces to explore. Unfortunately, the game is violently low resolution in places and it is a classic problem with Playstation VR to Playstation 4 Pro; that it will be very pixelated. IN After the Fall Unfortunately, there is some text that is important to read that is far too pixelated for it to be able to decipher. Too bad and therefore high time for PSVR 2 to PS5 to make an entrance (later this year?).

In summary, so struck After the Fall sales record at launch and I understand why. This is adrenaline-fueled action, which is hard to beat as a VR experience. So charge the gun, dress warmly and venture out into the apocalypse to save what can be saved – After the Fall is definitely a must!