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Review: Aspire – Ina’s Tale

Review: Aspire – Ina’s Tale

Puzzle platform games are a bit of a favorite genre for me and I’ve been testing a whole bunch lately. However, the favorite game is still Inside and I am constantly looking with light and lantern for other games that are just as clever, good-looking and with a good story. Darq came close, but did not quite reach all the way forward. When I saw the trailer for Aspire: Ina’s Tale so it seemed very interesting, so I took the opportunity to pinch the editorial staff’s review copy.

Photo: © 2021 Untold Tales - Aspire - Ina's Tale - The royalty.
Photo: © 2021 Untold Tales

Ina is stuck in an eternal sleep. Now it’s up to the player to help her through all the dangers in the dream world, so that she can wake up again.

The graphics in Aspire: Ina’s Tale is stylish and good looking, the game really has its own look. The story is well told and interesting and most important of all: this is really fun to play! The courses are varied and even if it starts ridiculously easy, it quickly gets harder and harder. In the end, I had to scratch my head a lot to solve the tasks that appeared and hindered my forward movement.

Aspire: Ina’s Tale feels like done for Switch and thus works just as well in portable as in docked mode. Nothing gets too sm