Review: Ayo the Clown – SENSES

Ayo the Clown is super-cute, but do not let the cute graphics fool you – this game is still a challenge.

Ayo the Clown opens with the happy, little clown’s dog disappearing and it is now up to you to help him find it. To help you, there are balloons, hammers, tanks, helicopters and lots of other fun things. Help Ayo find his beloved dog in a large number of fun and whimsical paths.

Ayo the Clown - © Cloud M1 Ayo using his balloon.
Photo: © Cloud M1

Ayo the Clown is on the surface extremely cute and quite childish. The music is tight, the clown is cute, the enemies are usually harmless things like chickens and wandering flour sacks. Each course is well made with lots of fun details and the whole game feels at first really aimed at the very youngest children.

Ayo the Clown - © Cloud M1 Ayo and a shark.
Photo: © Cloud M1

Then I started playing… Ayo is not a difficult platform game (such as Super Meat Boy Forever) but it is in my opinion Right too advanced for the smaller children. It was in several places that I had to replay a large number of times before I came by. Just like in the past, you have a certain number of lives and if you do not manage the course on them, you have to start all over again. You collect a lot of coins and gems that you can buy benefits from in the nearest city. It is a sensible distance between the checkpoints and overall, this is a really skillfully designed game.

Ayo the Clown - © Cloud M1 Ayo using his tank.
Photo: © Cloud M1

Ayo is perfect to Nintendo Switch: everything is clear even in the small screen and this is an excellent pastime on a long bus trip or in the back of the car on the holiday trip. The sound is well made and fun, but even if there are a lot of different pieces of music, they still end up being extremely repetitive, which is a bit of a shame.

Ayo the Clown - © Cloud M1 Ayo in the city.
Photo: © Cloud M1

After playing for a while, I realize that I am officially “hooked” and thus start looking for all the extra stuff that can be found on the courts. The controls are simple and tight and each track has its own special knob. At first, you can not jump, for example, but may use the scenery to be able to get up. On other courses you get access to tanks and other fun. Ayo has a very high “Only-once-again” factor and thus it is easy to pick up. but hard to stop playing.

Ayo the Clown - © Cloud M1 Ayo in a western.
Photo: © Cloud M1

In summary, that is Ayo the Clown a really fun and addictive platform game, which despite its flaws is clearly worth a warm recommendation!