Review: Beyond Blue – SENSES

I have always had a great respect for water; it’s not that I’m scared, but I have a strange feeling that at some point in my past life (if you believe that) I have drowned. So when I play water-themed games, there is always a sense of anxiety. Today’s review is about the game Beyond Blue, which is a diver simulator.

Photo: E-Line Media / - Beyond Blue - Found a Whale.
Photo: E-Line Media /

Explore the underwater world wearing your wetsuit and swimming fins. Each dive has its own task. There is no possibility of getting injured or dying in the game without it Beyond Blue is an educational game, developed entirely as a pastime and relaxation. You have specific tasks that are said to perform, but nothing leads to anything negative and there is no time limit.

Photo: E-Line Media / - Beyond Blue - up close to a Whale.
Photo: E-Line Media /

The game has really good voice actors and the dialogue feels realistic and engaging. The music is really good and the sound of the sea and all its inhabitants is well made and enveloping. So Beyond Blue works really well as relaxation and pastime. Fixed as game it feels very slow and monotonous. Since there are no restrictions or real dangers, it will be very annoying if you do not find that last choice that you should scan or find the last buoy you should start. A little nasty thing is that you can not break the surface and look above the water. No big deal and I understand why the game creators have done it that way – but I thought it felt claustrophobic and a bit cheap not to be able to see above the water surface.

Photo: E-Line Media / - Beyond Blue - Found a Shark.
Photo: E-Line Media /

I tested Beyond Blue on Nintendo Switch and could experience a bit that the graphics felt a bit compressed in places, with quite blocky edges and a few bugs. It looked better in portable mode, but that’s only because the picture is smaller then. However, it flows very well, so there are no problems with performance in general.

In summary, that is Beyond Blue an interesting and well-made, but quite narrow as a game. So the grade will be good (with praise passed), but it does not really reach one recommendation.