Review: Chernobylite – SENSES

The Chernobyl disaster has been the basis for countless games, movies and series. Most recently, the HBO miniseries impressed Chernobyl big on me and I then handed out the highest grade. So when Chernobylite appeared in the review pile so I threw myself over it.

Photo: © 2021 All in!  Games SA - Chernobylite - Deserted environment.
Photo: © 2021 All in! Games SA

First out so is Chernobylite one of the coolest FPS games I’ve ever played. The environments are completely fantastic and it really feels like you are walking the radioactive streets in real life. Our avatar is called Igor and he is looking for his fiancée who disappeared when the reactor melted in 1986. Now, 30 years later, he is back in place and now has to navigate between time and space to find the truth. Your enemies are creatures that move through different time portals and can attack you anywhere, anytime.

Photo: © 2021 All in!  Games SA - Chernobylite - know thy enemy.
Photo: © 2021 All in! Games SA

You collect things constantly to be able to improve your weapons and equipment and once you have made it through the tutorial part of the game, you will come to a place where you can build your base. Now the game world is also opened up with you being able to choose missions and which comrades you take with you. Your choices affect the story and there are a number of different endings to the game.

Photo: © 2021 All in!  Games SA - Chernobylite - Build your base.
Photo: © 2021 All in! Games SA

Chernobylite is in round slings about 14 hours long and around 20-25 hours if you want to open up the other closures. I still think it is a very affordable length of the game. You can choose if you want to play Chernobylite in Russian or in English and I tested both. Can say that I like the Russian voice actors much better than the English because they sound like soft in comparison!

Photo: © 2021 All in!  Games SA - Chernobylite - Where it all happened.
Photo: © 2021 All in! Games SA

What a pity Chernobylite is that the game creators chose to include supernatural elements in the game: I love the environments and mysticism so much that it bothered me that they did not choose a more realistic world. Then I can think that the whole collecting and building thing is so terribly worn out now; it feels more like a way to fill the playing time with than that they actually come up with something new.

Photo: © 2021 All in!  Games SA - Chernobylite - Scary Dolls
Photo: © 2021 All in! Games SA

In summary, that is Chernobylite super nice, quite scary in places and it will really be an immersive gaming experience. I drove it on Playstation 4 Pro and experienced no performance issues or compression. The few negative aspects do not lower the final grade so much anyway. So a warm recommendation to Chernobylite!