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Review: Colors Live (Switch) – SENSES

Review: Colors Live (Switch) – SENSES

Before I started filming in 1992, I created comic books. Or well, “created” was well said, because no one except the family saw them. The problem was that I was too eager to get to the next step, so it never turned out quite as well as I had imagined. Plus I’m not even very good at drawing but I like it anyway, it kind of calms me down.

Photo: © Collecting Smiles - Colors Live - All rights reserved - Palette and brushes.
Photo: © Collecting Smiles

So when Colors Live appeared on the editorial board so it looked very interesting; I immediately picked it up from the review pile. Colors Live is available for purchase in physical form and then including the Sonar pen that you use when you draw. Then only the game is also available digitally. I will soon get into the pros and cons of both.

Photo: - Colors Live - All rights reserved - Close up SonarPen.

I open the box and pick out the so-called SonarPen (Sonar pen), which you plug into the headphone jack (!) On your Nintendo Switch. The technology is thus based on sound and depending on how hard you press, the pitch changes and it is then translated into how much color it becomes. This results in it becoming a fairly realistic drawing that you can make. The switch’s screen certainly has a touch, but it is not pressure sensitive in the sense that it can sense how hard you press. The pen feels solid and good in the hand and the technology works flawlessly. You can technically use Colors Live without buying the pen by drawing with your fingers or a regular screen pen – but then it always becomes opaque what you draw and never transparent, because as I said the screen feels no difference in how hard you press without the pen.


Colors Live has a challenge round, where you get a task every day. For example, you should draw something you dream of, a scary forest or something that is in a museum. The challenge consists partly of time pressure of 20 minutes and that you do not always get access to all paints or brushes. Really fun and entertaining!

Photo: © Collecting Smiles - Colors Live - All rights reserved - Old woman in snow landscape.
Photo: © Collecting Smiles

Then you can paint as you want too, without time limit and the like. The pen has a flexible button that you press to get to the brush menu and the colors. It is quick to get into the rhythm. You can also zoom in on sections to be able to work on details. The screen resolution works well for even small details in your drawings.

The biggest problem – and really the only problem – I have Colors Live is that the screen on the Nintendo Switch is not very large and no matter how advanced the technology is, I feel very locked to the small screen. It kind of gets a little tricky even though you can zoom in.

Photo: © Collecting Smiles - Colors Live - All rights reserved - Dolphins who found something.
Photo: © Collecting Smiles

In summary, that is Colors Live a fun addition to your Nintendo Switch. As a pastime, it is unbeatable and only your imagination sets limits. It and the size of the screen then…

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