Review: Disintegration – SENSES

Nice and cool but unfortunately a little tight.

In the future, we have the opportunity to upload our consciousness to a robot. We thus lose our body of flesh and blood and are thus always connected. Even though we are the same person, have we lost our humanity? IN disintegration let’s explore that concept, in a fantastically detailed world full of dangers.

Disintegration - V1 Interactive - copyright 2020 - screenshot playstation 4

disintegration is a totally senseless looking action game and already in the initial cut scene I realize that this will be an experience beyond the ordinary. It’s all framed by really good voice actors and feels more like an animated movie than a game. Then we enter the training course and then I am reminded that – together more of your readers – I have tested a beta on this game, several months ago. It didn’t really feel like the same game I watched the intro and the trailer for. I throw myself in disintegration again, to see how the final version feels.

Disintegration - V1 Interactive - copyright 2020 - screenshot playstation 4
The training path is recognized from the beta version.

The scheme is that you have a hover-craft that you fly around with one, two or more aides – that you can command to do things. Unfortunately, this quickly gets tedious and the feeling of freedom you first realize is pretty quickly limited: you are stuck in your hover-craft all the time. You can’t even get off to pick up anything but you have to order the ground squad to. When you actually go somewhere without the hover-force is when you are at the base, between the missions, and then you can only move on a tiny surface. All the doors that are available are closed and locked it all starts to feel a bit like when you played Wing Commander III 1994 …

Disintegration - V1 Interactive - copyright 2020 - screenshot playstation 4
You cannot retrieve or do anything in the host, but must ask someone else.

When games like Halo – as one of disintegrationstudio founders helped create – and also games like GTA have had the function that you can have a ship and then change to running on foot for almost 20 years, it becomes very strange and outdated to be stuck in a hover-craft. Had really seen that you could get out of it and run on foot when needed or you wish. The idea is that it should be a bit of a combination of FPS and strategy games – but the result is more frustration than game enjoyment.

Disintegration - V1 Interactive - copyright 2020 - screenshot playstation 4
Really neat and well made graphics.

In summary, so be it disintegration still not a bad game, although I might be a little harsh on it in the above. It is, as I said, very neat and has a good story. The problem is that I request a bit more of a state-of-the-art game, so the rating will be good, but unfortunately it does not reach a recommendation.