Review: Doom 3 – VR Edition (PSVR)

A really fun game just got even scarier!

Doom 3 was released 17 years ago. I played through it on mine Xbox 360 and even then, on one 32 inch Thick TV, so it was a really scary game. You were never sure; something could appear behind you at any moment and attack you. When you then get to dark sections of the game and the only light source you have is your flashlight, it made your heart rate increase even more.

Press image: Bethesda / Playstation - Doom 3 - VR Edition - Copyright 2021 - Meeting with a monster.
Press image: Bethesda / Playstation

So when I heard about one Doom 3 – VR Edition then my heart made a shot of joy and at the same time the sweat began to break out in my forehead. I had not driven that much VR before so before I got started Doom 3 – VR Edition so I tried some other, less nasty games Playstation VR. The technology is really impressive and there is zero lag between your movements and what you see in front of you. It’s amazing how cool and precise it is. The only thing that is a pity and gossip that the technology has maturity left to reach is that the resolution is not high enough yet (even on PS4 Pro), so you can clearly see the pixels. Then I recommend that you have a pair of proper, in-ear headphones with good bass and clear sound. Because you can not put on any major headphones over the PSVR helmet.

Press image: Bethesda / Playstation - Doom 3 - VR Edition - Copyright 2021 - Meeting with a human monster.
Press image: Bethesda / Playstation

Just as mentioned in our PSVR review five years ago, the helmet is comfortable and can be fastened properly so it does not fall off or slip during the game session. If you (like me) have glasses, these are perfectly fine to wear under the helmet. So now it’s time to get started… I put on my helmet and pick up the hand control. The intermediate sequences are not in VR, but they are played in front of you as on a big screen and when they are over, the world opens up. You can now see yourself around 360 degrees. The feeling is total and the heart immediately starts beating – because even though it was almost two decades since I last played this game, I remember that it is not such a long respite before scary things start to happen.

Press image: Bethesda / Playstation - Doom 3 - VR Edition - Copyright 2021 - Take aim.
Press image: Bethesda / Playstation

Going forward and “punishing” works perfectly and you look around there as you move. When you turn around, you steer to the side as usual – but now it instead becomes choppy and it flashes for each section you turn. This is so that you can keep track of what is ahead. The problem for me is that I already vet what is “forward” and it is only natural for me to turn around while moving the lever. So blinking and chopping becomes what makes me sick and nauseous. Which is a shame, because this could have been solved in another (better) way. Then it’s a little sad that you do not have a virtual “body”. Your hands are floating in the air and you have no legs. If you had a body, you would always have been able to know which way you were standing and realism would have increased even more.

Press image: Bethesda / Playstation - Doom 3 - VR Edition - Copyright 2021 - Shotgun
Press image: Bethesda / Playstation

You aim to lift the control and then you shoot in the usual way. This is genuinely shit-scary when enemies appear behind you, you have to throw yourself around. Be careful how you sit and have nothing nearby that you can hit or knock out, because you will flutter around like crazy!

After playing for a while, I feel that the helmet hurts a little and I feel bad. VR is a pretty demanding experience and in my case I can not sit too long at a time.

Press image: Bethesda / Playstation - Doom 3 - VR Edition - Copyright 2021 - Health upload.
Press image: Bethesda / Playstation

In summary, that is Doom 3 – VR Edition definitely worth a recommendation if you have the hardware and even if the VR experience is not perfect yet, it’s close now – will be Sony’s next Playstation VR for PS5 the putty we’ve all been waiting for (a single cable sounds promising anyway)? The world in Ready Player One is not many years away now and until then we have many, cool games to experience in a virtual world.

Footnote: Even if it’s not required, you’ll clearly experience Doom 3 VR best with Playstation’s Move controls and the rifle sight (PS VR Aim Controller) – it adds a whole new dimension to the experience!