Review: Doom Eternal – SENSES

It’s been four years since the Doom reboot and Doom Eternal is a welcome addition to the hellish FPS series.

Hell is literally dissolved on earth. No, I’m not talking about the ongoing Coronavirus epidemic, but about the intro story in it Doom Eternal (as you can see in the trailer below). The worst from hell and the worst from Earth have been gathered and you – the Slayer – are the planet’s last hope. No story is needed to frame Doom Eternal, the latest, meaty chapter in John Carmack’s FPS gore party (Carmack himself recently described FPS action as action in porn videos, “there should be there, but nobody really cares”). I choose to see Doom Eternal as a digital embodiment, an allegory of what some countries are now going through (too bad you can’t chain the Corona virus, too).

Doom eternal slayer
Slayer – our alter-ego in Doom Eternal.

You who have played something before Doomgames since 1993 will quickly recognize you. What the heck, if you feel you need to warm up with something familiar then why not lira Doom 64, which is included as a remaster in some editions of Doom Eternal and is a silky polygon party with crazy high retro vibe from the Nintendo 64 era. Doom Eternal offers more of the same, crazy intense hard rock music, blood, violence and splatter in cubic (this is not recommended for creamy) and such extremely intense slider action. On top of that, some platform elements have been added this time as well. Yes, you read right: platform hit. The slayer can now double-jump and pull up for edges – but that’s not all; he can also grab some rough-cut walls at best Lara Croftstyle and climb up for them. The platform part is not very successful, but it is sufficiently undisturbed and relatively simple so that it does not stand in the way, notably.

Doom eternal full on
Messy and intense is just the first name of Doom Eternal.

Simple, however, is nothing you can say about the game otherwise. Doom Eternal is difficult, or very challenging in any case. Already at fairly low levels of difficulty, you will sweat through respawn hordes from the armies of hell, and suffer from more or less constant health and ammunition shortages. The chainsaw resets the bearing, but in turn it needs to be refilled with gasoline cans or expected to be “reloaded”. Enemies that hit you well can “glory kill”, kill spectacularly violently with the melee button (R3 in the case of PS4) and thus regain some necessary life energy. At the same time as Doom Eternal constantly challenges and punishes you, yet it rarely feels unfair. Yes, you will die – many and often – but if you find yourself constantly overwhelmed, you must try a completely different strategy. Through the game you also get to upgrade your weapons with lovely mods; It can be anything from grenade launcher to the pumphail rifle, to search missiles on your Railgun. The fantasy and appetite for destruction never ends.

Doom eternal hell on earth
Environments and backgrounds really feel epically beautiful in all misery.

Technically, there is nothing to complain about. ID Software here introduces ID Engine 7 and distributor Bethesda Softworks’ late-game for extra plastering. It seems to have yielded desired, good results – just as it should be, instead of patches you have to wait for weeks to fix broken releases that have been stressed out. On PS4 Pro the frame rate feels quite stable at 60 fps and the resolution seems to be around 1440p. Just as in Doom 2016 reboots so the ambition of enemies, band design and environments has raised the bar significantly. In its most beautiful moments, reminiscent Doom Eternal about an apocalyptic Halo, with painfully beautiful space views and epic, huge enemies à la God of War. Xbox One X pulls the longest beam in terms of maximum resolution and despite Google’s struggling Stadia being promised genuine 4K, the format “only” reaches the same resolution as the Xbox One X, with the disadvantage of enormously much higher input lag – up to 100 ms extra, which means almost a fifth of a second slower response compared to the initial 94 ms on the Xbox One X.

Doom eternal

Nothing is wrong with that Doom Eternal then? Well, it is in a way a very narrow FPS, with a lot of fan service. You who loved previous parts should already have bought and be up and running it on your favorite platform, it’s a no-brainer. The testosterone-pumped violence, the messy hard-rock riff and the ever-intense onslaught may not suit just everyone, especially those who want more stealth and strategy in their FPS. I fit it like the hand in the glove – I not only got the adrenaline off properly Doom Eternal, I was just right frustrated, challenged and ridiculously maintained during the trip. And more than that, it is difficult to demand a game.

Lets raze some hell!