Review: Evil Genius 2: World Domination

The sequel is here, it’s time to take over the world in its own way once again, but you are not alone and how far are you ready to go?

I never played First Evil Genius, but I also do not feel the need to play this sequel. You take on the role of the supervillain and then you initially have to choose between a few different villains, so you are not allowed to create your own from scratch, unfortunately.

Once you have chosen which supervillain to play like that, then the game begins. We get to choose one of three islands to build on, this is the island that will simply be our base that is divided into different floors.

Since I never played the first game, I do not have much to compare with, but what I quickly notice is that there is a lot of humor in the game, just as it should be in a game like Evil Genius 2. We will build our base to take around the world, we have various tools to work on such as doomsday weapons, traps and torture for prisoners we manage to capture to pressure them on important information.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination

There are several interesting mechanics in Evil Genius 2 where we can test a little different strategies, for example, can build a casino to trick tourists who visit our island for money, but perhaps the most important thing is to send their agents to other countries on our planet to infiltrate and simply plunder the gold, the gold is needed to expand its base with new rooms, new equipment and reach new levels.

Evil Genius 2 has in my opinion an important tutorial to get through, mainly to know what you need to think about in addition to getting in as much gold as possible, the workers you have that are very reminiscent of Minions just make everything more fun and you are not just kind to these poor workers, at the same time you are a top-level villain.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination

I’m happy when it comes to games like Evil Genius 2, far too few strategy games are released like Evil Genius 2 and maybe not so strange as the interest of the players disappears far too quickly. Unfortunately, it’s a bit like that this time too, Evil Genius 2 is very fun and interesting the first few hours but you get tired quickly, mid-game is far from interesting or something you even manage to get through sometimes.

What would need to be improved in the game is clearly the game’s user interface, which in my opinion is far from approved, it is unclear at first but then there will also be far too many clicks on things you have to do a lot. I would have liked to see more villains and more islands than those that come with, there is still a lot that game is based on and yet we only have to choose between three islands.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination

Graphically, Evil Genius 2 is clearly good, there are details and it is clear that this is a new modern strategy game, detailed but not much you can change in the rooms beyond what you choose to build there. However, almost all the sounds in the game are just annoying, especially when you hear these over and over and over again. When you are attacked by another villain with their spies, there should be an alarm and it should be shouted more or less that we have an unauthorized person in the building.

I like Evil Genius 2, mainly for its humor and how fast you get into it. The sad thing is that you get tired quickly, because after mid-game not much new happens unfortunately and a lot is repeated if you do not just choose to collect as much gold as possible and in short, take over the world.

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