Review: F1 2021 –

Codemasters are clearly the champions when it comes to racing games and those with F1 have done really well, but is it so again this year?

For us F1 fans, a new F1 game like Christmas Eve is more or less, every year it gets a little better, a little nicer but the feeling of actually getting to sit in an F1 car and brake from 300 to 110 km / h on some seconds is indescribable.

But have Codemasters succeeded with F1 2021 this time believe?

I would say that they have it, a good way to get into the game and learn the controls, the cars etc. is to drive the campaign mode where we get to follow a stable in not becoming No. 1 but actually getting better and learning from each other, something that is not always as easy as it sounds. They start their campaign to play as the British Aiden Jackson who just came to F1 after a success in F2. But it is not as easy as he thinks and there are a lot who are against him and do not always believe in him.

F1 2021 game

However, what I think Codemasters could have skipped is like some kind of lobby that you are in, in your room more or less all by yourself with your laptop and phone. You get meaningless emails in most cases and that you get calls look like close from loved ones. I understand that this should help to make the story go more in depth and you should get to know the characters a little more, but do you really want that? Shouldn’t there be full focus on F1 and the stable?

Once you have finished the campaign, there is a lot to do, you can either choose to create your own career in F1 and then to any stable, or why not just run some races for fun, see if you can get Hamilton to actually start sweating in his Mercedes car. Just the career mode, there are a few alternatives, either you choose a team that already exists or you can create everything from scratch, everything from creating the car’s own look to deciding the staff. Developing and exciting if you like F1. Another big plus is that you can actually play F1 career mode with another player, so there is support for two-player mode.

F1 2021 game

If you want to play against other players, there is also an online mode, then you can play against up to 20 players. A big plus here is that you can create your own lobby and invite friends or if you just want to play against other players at random. F1 2021 offers a lot, there is a lot to choose from and that is exactly what we as F1 fans want from a game.

The most important thing is the car physics and the feeling of driving F1 cars, which Codemasters has achieved well and it is clear that they have long experience of car games and car physics. There are different levels you can choose on how much and how little you should actually get help when driving these F1 cars, I can say that if you choose to do everything “manually” it is tough and challenging, you get a completely different insight into how F1 drivers are challenged in real F1.

F1 2021 game

Codemasters has done a lot right with F1 2021 and it is probably the first time in a long time you want to play more and be challenged in different ways in F1, you want to make your stable and your team grow, challenge Mercedes and McLaren for real this time.