Review: Farming Simulator 22 –

GIANTS Software has now released the latest addition to the popular Farming Simulator series, Farming Simulator 22.

The game is about making money. Mostly on crops but also on things like animals and wood. There are several crops with great variation from rapeseed to grapes and even grass. The whole series has done a good job of making it as realistic as possible with different brands of e.g. tractors & trailers, but also the whole process of growing crops feels very realistic.

In the beginning, you earn your money through contracts for other farmers nearby where you, for example, use land or spread manure. These jobs can take anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour depending on the amount of land and what to do. These small jobs are what will give you the money to do more advanced things like buy your own new and better machines and expand your farm by buying more land. And that’s the gameplay loop, expanding and making more money. Farming Simulator 22 is a very time consuming game and for someone who has not played a Farming Simulator game before, it can be very difficult to know what to do, how to do it and why you do it. But once you have learned how to play, it is very easy to play for hours on end without thinking about where time goes.

Farming Simulator 22

The game has a built-in mod hub that may be pretty empty at the moment, but if you look at older FS games, it will be filled with lots of new additions such as new tractors and other machinery. Farming Simulator also comes with 3 worlds if you would like to start over with something completely new.

Farming Simulator 22 is a very calming game where you can relax and just have fun without having to think about anything else. And the radio available helps tremendously to focus on the game. There are several different stations in all possible genres, which almost guarantees that you can find something like background music while you farm.
The graphics in the game are a small upgrade to FS19. If you compare, Farming simulator 22 is a little more detailed, but the small upgrade helps enormously with the calming atmosphere.

Farming Simulator 22

I have encountered a couple of bugs. Some are less dangerous like textures in the distance that flicker but a couple are more disturbing to the point that I needed to restart the game such as. contracts that disappear when you accept them and invisible objects on the road that make it impossible to drive. However, these bugs do not occur often and I have not seen them as a major problem.

Farming Simulator 22 is a well thought out game. The price comes in at around SEK 400 and considering the almost endless playing time you can get out of them, it is an obvious purchase if you want a game you can connect and play with up to 15 other friends ..

Farming Simulator 22