Review: Gears Tactics – SENSES

Insanely good strategy game, in true Gears of War spirit.

Gears of War is really Microsoft golden goose. The game series is up in five parts plus a couple of spinoffs. Last fall I reviewed Gears 5 and it impressed me greatly. It’s a good mix between story and super cool action-revue. As I mentioned in that review so has Gears of Warseries one of the most heartbreaking sequences I’ve seen in a game (in the same spirit as the intro to masterful The Last of Us). So I’m already hooked Gears of War-Damn.

Gears Tactics - Copyright Microsoft - 2020 - Screenshoot Steam.
Easy to understand and smooth system.

So when I was told that there would be one Strategy In the Gears world I immediately became interested. How to mix Gears of War with a turn-based strategy game? After a great number of hours of playing, I have the answer.

Gears Tactics takes place before the first Gears of Wargame and we get to play Gabe Diaz (who is the father of the protagonist, Kait, from Gears 5.) Our mission is to infiltrate the enemy and assassinate Locust scientist Ukkon.

Gears Tactics - Copyright Microsoft - 2020 - Screenshoot Steam.

To Gears Tactics would be a less cinematic experience than its predecessors is a fear that does not come true. Directly we are thrown into the story and via nice cut-scenes we get the necessary background story. It is only when the game starts that everything is different. Almost.

It is an isometric view we have over the battlefield and at first we only have two people that we control. We can spin around and see the battlefield from all directions with a gentle push of the middle mouse button. It is very nice to be able to do that and not be stuck in it one view, as in many other games in the same genre. Just like in Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden (and many other games.) You can put your characters on Overwatch, so that they attack when any enemy moves in their field of view. It is also very brutal kills when you pepper down Locust soldiers, which are divided in half by your bullets. At first, it is very easy and there are simple and clear tutorials that will take you through all the steps.

Gears Tactics - Copyright Microsoft - 2020 - Screenshoot Steam.

First, both characters must survive, but further in, you will need to make some tough leadership decisions that will affect the outcome of the battle. Who will survive and who will die. It gets insanely exciting and, as I said: the combination Gears of war with strategy games is really a “match made in heaven”. For here, the game creators can explore an aspect that they have not been able to in the same way, namely: war.

Gears Tactics - Copyright Microsoft - 2020 - Screenshoot Steam.

The graphics are insanely good looking and I really recommend having a powerful machine that you run the game on. It is nice flow and exciting games, which will provide many hours of entertainment. The only negative I can mention is that strategy games may not be a genre for all players, but then Gears Tactics is such an incredibly cinematic and exciting game, this can definitely be an entry point for new strategy players. Clearly one must.