Review: Get Packed – Fully Loaded

Action-packed, humorous and really packed! A co-op arcade game about movers.

Get Packed: Fully Loaded is really basically absolutely ingenious: take something as banal and mundane as moving furniture and make it a challenging and fun game. In the game, we are a bunch of moving men and women who run a moving company and on each course we face new challenges. It could be crazy trucks, busy roads or noisy poltergeists. It is possible to play up to four players in co-op and here you can choose whether you want to play with friends locally on the couch or online.

Photo: © Coatsink - Get Packed: Fully Loaded - Explosion!
Photo: © Coatsink

The premise is simple – we have a certain amount of time to unload as many things as we can from the house. We can send the moving load in the truck whenever we want, as many times as we want – but then it is gone for a while so it is important to be strategic. You can also choose to compress things in a box so they take up less space and thus less damage. Because it’s the little grunt too; you can not just toss around with the stuff – you have to be careful with them so that they hold all the way out to the truck.

Photo: © Coatsink - Get Packed: Fully Loaded - Another day another dollar.
Photo: © Coatsink

Each course is unique and has its own challenges. Your avatar can not die, but it can be damaged and thus you will lose precious seconds. Several times during the game, wishes arise about what things the boss wants you to pack. The game is presented from an isometric view and thus it is quite easy to find. A white edge also appears around the furniture or gadget which makes the whole thing even a little easier.

Photo: © Coatsink - Get Packed: Fully Loaded - Use the slide!
Photo: © Coatsink

The trigger buttons on the controller control each hand on your avatar and thus you can carry two things with you at all times. The problem is that you can not drag things after you for too long or be too harsh, because then they break and lose value. It is possible to take things and carry them in front of you, but then it is really difficult to get the balance.

Get Packed: Fully Loaded has a high tempo and is really fun alone, but when you drive with friends or online, it all takes to a new level. When four lunatics jerk and tear at all things in the houses, it becomes absolutely insanely fun to both play and also just get to watch!

Photo: © Coatsink - Get Packed: Fully Loaded - Beware of Ghosts!
Photo: © Coatsink

The graphics are nice and clean, each track is full of fun details. There is also a frame story that is well done and fun. It is noticeable that the game creators have gone in to make a fun game

But – no matter how fun the physics are, it is often annoyingly difficult to get things out of the car and when you really start to go in to get high scores, I feel that the game mechanics do not really depend on what I want to do. So it leads to some frustration over the lack of precision, which lowers the rating a bit.

In summary, that is Get Packed: Fully Loaded fast-paced, fun and really entertaining game for a little money so it’s definitely worth a recommendation.