Review: Hot Wheels Unleashed – SENSES

Most of us have probably owned both one and two Hot Wheelscars through the years. They are small toy cars in metal and are found in everything from fairly faithful representations of real cars, to iconic movie cars, to complete fantasy fetuses. IN Hot Wheels Unleashed you get the opportunity to steer these little toy cars through really crazy tracks.

Hot Wheels Unleashed - © 2021 Milestone - Turtles Van
Photo: © 2021 Milestone / Mattel

The first thing that strikes me is how detailed the cars are. You can see cast beards and other small blemishes on them, so they look really look like the toys they are based on. The courses are super fun and imaginative. How about rallying through your basement or inside an abandoned skyscraper? As with the cars, the richness of detail is enormous and if you were to leave the track, you can drive around and check out other parts of the room – which the track does not normally take you to. A funny detail that is fun because it is a bit exciting to be a small car in a big world.

Hot Wheels Unleashed - © 2021 Milestone - Roller Toaster car
Photo: © 2021 Milestone / Mattel

There is a championship mode where you unlock different tracks and vehicles for each time you win or at least reach the top three. You can also choose to run online against other players and if not all the courses that come with it are enough, there is a fun and fairly advanced department where you can create your own courses. You can even decorate your very own nerd room in a basement; for each course you unlock and win, you get access to more building blocks.

The controls are tight and feel fun, the cars have different properties and strengths, so it is important to choose the right car for the right track. The only thing that is a bit sad is that there is no preview on the track or recommendation, so it is trial and error that applies. I drove Hot Wheels Unleashed on Xbox One X and experienced no issues in lag or long charging times.

Hot Wheels Unleashed - © 2021 Milestone - Silence please
Photo: © 2021 Milestone / Mattel

Is there anything negative then? Not much really, just a few, little petitesser. The first is that the courses are quite unforgiving. If you make the slightest mistake, it is difficult to catch up and still have a chance to win. The other thing that bothered me a bit was that – for some reason – you can get duplicates of the cars and the second version you can neither sell nor scrap to be able to buy anything else. So in your garage there are always double versions of that car. That said, a petitess – but still annoying.

Hot Wheels Unleashed - © 2021 Milestone - Into the checkpoint
Photo: © 2021 Milestone / Mattel

In summary, that is Hot Wheels Unleashed a really fun and different car game, with lots of tracks and many hours of driving. This is so fun and nostalgic that I recommend the game even to those who do not really even like car games. Thus, it can be nothing but a clear must!