Review: Hunt – Showdown – SENSES

Nice and atmospheric, but oh so empty and grubby.

The premise i Hunt: Showdown, from Crysisstudio Crytek, is masterful: It combines zombies, mutated spiders and other nasty at the same time as it takes place in the 19th century, with cowboys and cool weapons that existed at the time. It is an online game so you have to play against other players. Either you can be helped or you have to be quick and ready to do the job before anyone else comes along. There is a wealth of weapons and the longer you play the better stuff you can get hold of.

Hunt-Showdown - Copyright 2020 - Crytek - All rights reserved - screenshot Xbox one X

The graphics are impressive, with great detail. I tested the game on the editor’s Xbox One X and i 4K everything just looks magical; neat and atmospheric. The enemies scare and there are several times that you move on the dark stables where you are suddenly suddenly attacked by something bloodthirsty.

Hunt-Showdown - Copyright 2020 - Crytek - All rights reserved - screenshot Xbox one X

Unfortunately, that is my praise of Hunt: Showdown over – because now I come to what is less good. For starters, this is, as I said, a purely online game (PvP – player vs player), in the same spirit as Vigor. You are not alone in the mission, but other players are looking for the same goal as you. Unfortunately, no one was on the server at the same time as I was. For the most part, I was completely alone and wandered around. You look for clues with your magic power and then you can get to a nest where the final boss is waiting. From there it is important to bring life to life. Repeat and rinse. This boss-driven capture-the-flag concept quickly becomes quite one-handed and repetitive and when no one else is in and playing at the same time, even the only resistance is the zombies. They are stupid as stones and therefore easy to snap.

There are three difficulty levels and each setting creates a new game feeling. At most, staying alive is really a challenge. There are also training courses, so you can practice and learn before you enter into a sharp position.

Hunt-Showdown - Copyright 2020 - Crytek - All rights reserved - screenshot Xbox one X

The challenge is not that great and in the end it all gets a bit tedious. Something that disturbed me a bit was that the body of your dead enemies disappears after a while. I felt that directly dated the game a lot. Understand that it’s probably because the game is an online game and so it is very lots of items to keep track of. So if the bodies had to disappear, they could have done an animation where the swollen corpses explode, rot away or whatever except they just disappear, as in the early FPS games played in the 90’s.

Hunt-Showdown - Copyright 2020 - Crytek - All rights reserved - screenshot Xbox one X

In summary, so be it Hunt: Showdown a neat, cool game with an epic premise, which unfortunately is not enough all the way forward. The fact that it was very empty on the servers is a bit of the main problem in a game that is largely based on human resistance. We often get game journalists access to games a week or two before release, and then you can understand the wastefulness because only a select few play (and rarely at the same time). But in Hunt: Showdowns case it is a bit worrying when the game was released to the public a month ago. Is nobody playing? The grade is therefore approved, but no more.

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