Review: Mass Effect – Legendary Edition

The epic space saga is back in an almost flawless new edition for this (and the next) generation of consoles.

Mass Effect – Legendary Edition takes place in the 22nd century, with the help of alien technology, humanity has managed to get out into space. There are many dangers lurking out there, but the biggest of them all are the mechanical enemies Geth whose aim is to wipe out all organic life. It’s now up to John (or Jane) Shepard to save the galaxy.

Photo: © 2021 Electronic Arts Inc. - Mass Effect - Legendary Edition - Jane Shepard.
Photo: © 2021 Electronic Arts Inc.

Mass EffectThe trilogy is the three best games I played on mine Xbox 360 when it went. And it seems like a lot of gamers out there agree with me. An epic space story where you could influence the end depending on how you chose to talk to your fellow human beings and what choices you made through the adventure. Who do you choose to take with you on assignments and in really dark moments: who do you choose to sacrifice? These games can be played over and over again, you will always be able to create a new experience. The only thing that was a pity Mass Effect was that they were released Xbox 360 (2007) and thus feels somewhat mossy in terms of graphics and textures, in today’s high-resolution world. So when the fans’ prayers were heard EA and BioWare and brand new Mass Effect – Legendary Edition appeared in the review pile, so I threw myself over it!

Photo: © 2021 Electronic Arts Inc. - Mass Effect - Legendary Edition - Attack!
Photo: © 2021 Electronic Arts Inc.

I drove Mass Effect – Legendary Edition mainly on the editor’s Xbox One X and with the new, hot graphics in 4K (at 30fps) or 60fps in the lower resolution 1440p it really gets to work. For those of you who run next-gen, we can announce that the game has 120Hz support (graphics are scaled down to 1440p) on Xbox Series X, but not on PS5 (where we stay at 60fps, at least at release). It is noticeable that the clock is now ticking fast for the load-gen consoles. Even on the powerful One X, I experienced a little lag to and from. The game creators have really gone in for that Mass Effect will get a new life, another console generation. The environments have not only received higher resolution but they have also received more details and in some sequences the game creators have opened up and removed walls that were there to reduce charging times (the new consoles’ lightning-fast SSDs also contribute to the illusion of a more seamless world). The classic elevator sequences (which were also used to load the next section) remain, but now with the option to skip the dialog as everything loads much faster.

Photo: © 2021 Electronic Arts Inc. - Mass Effect - Legendary Edition - The Ilusive man.
Photo: © 2021 Electronic Arts Inc.

The graphics are the first thing I notice, but when I start playing I also notice some other changes. Above all, weapon handling has been improved and also how you aim. Unfortunately, the mechanics are still there that the weapons get overheated and have to wait for cooling before they work again, which is very frustrating (in the first game). Then you can now sprint with Shepard out of danger and you can order your teammates separately instead of together, as it was in the first game from the beginning. Another great update is how you drive MAKO (off-road vehicle); now it moves more realistically and not as “snooty” as it did before. If you (against all odds) miss the old feeling of driving, it is also possible to cancel.

The infamous end of the third game is not the original ending nowadays, but it is the ending that was released in the DLC version and (without spoiling anything) it is something we thank! Mass Effect – Legendary Edition works just as well for you who want to relive the best space opera since Star Wars (Episode IV-VI) as for you who Never played something Mass Effectgames earlier. Even if this is not a unique game mechanic (that your choices affect the story), it is still unique in that there are so many crazy small changes you can experience with just small nuances of how you express basically the same thing. On each assignment, you choose which two team members you want to take with you and these choices also affect the story. If you have the wrong person with you, you may not be admitted or can even talk to the right person in the assignment and in the same breath if you have the right person with you, you can unlock things that you might otherwise have missed. You create a band with your team, a band that then spans three games. If you hurt someone in the first game, it can bite you in the ass in the third. All your modifications will be included in the next game cosco. So it is not recommended to start playing all games at the same time, although it is possible to do so.

Photo: © 2021 Electronic Arts Inc. - Mass Effect - Legendary Edition - Laserblast.
Photo: © 2021 Electronic Arts Inc.

In summary, that is Mass Effect – Legendary Edition a clear must and it could have been a full pot if only it had been the case that the game developers had fixed some annoyances from the first game that are still lingering. It could have developed the game mechanics and the experience a little more.