Review: Minecraft Dungeons – SENSES

Minecraft + Diablo = true. Minecraft Dungeons is an entertaining dungeon crawler for the whole family.

Minecraft is a phenomenon. Not only did the creator, Marcus “Notch” Persson, become one of the world’s richest people, when Microsoft bought his creation – it is also a massive, ever-growing community around it, where a certain generation gap is reminded. For the record: I’ve never tested Minecraft. There, I said it. Ever. To me, it seems to be a kind of digital LEGO simulator with no real goal and … excuse, meaning. You can’t win game. So when Minecraft Dungeons appeared on the editorial board so I quickly grabbed our junior reviewer and Minecraftexpert, Liam (age 11) and started warming up to give me a lesson in modern gaming and enjoying some multiplayer crawling. And so much fun we had together!

minecraft dungeons
You who have played Diablo, or any other dungeon crawler, will recognize you instantly. Photo: Mojang

Minecraft Dungeons is in short a kind of Diablo, complete with square Minecraft-aesthetic and all conceivable elements from the world, adapted in difficulty to be challenging, but never impossible even for beginners or younger players. You explore paths (dungeons) where you find treasure chests (loots) and kill classic Mincecraft enemies, such as skeletons and Creepers.

minecraft dungeons
Inventory and keeping track of things stats are tricky.

Liam pointed out that some classic Minecraftrules are broken in the game: for example, zombies can attack in this game during the daytime and some other minor details I do not remember now, as unattended. But on the whole, the familiar element was overall, which made a bite Minecraftplayers like him happy. The game is entertaining to play alone, but it is in multiplayer that it really shines. There the team can split up and explore different pieces of the course map at the same time. It has a health reset that runs on timer (it can be used endlessly, if you just give it enough time to recharge) and just like in Hunt Down players can relive each other, making the game easier and much more dynamic. We had the opportunity to test two people (we chose online, which worked great over Discord) – but we can only imagine how fun this must be with up to four players (local or online, co-op).

minecraft dungeons forest

Minecraft Dungeons is a perfect example of a fun and exciting game that you can play with your children. It challenges, is fun, very easy to understand the mechanics of and just right difficult so it keeps the interest up, but never discourages. If you are an adult hard-core gamer who loves dungeon crawlers then you might have to wait Diablo 4. But are you Minecraftfan, or if you are looking for something fun that you can play with younger players and have fun together, then it is recommended Minecraft Dungeons warm.

Note: Minecraft Dungeons will be released May 26 and will be available directly to those who have Xbox Game Pass (on both Xbox One and PC).