Review: Paw Patrol Mighty Pups – Save Adventure Bay

Now that the first Paw Patrolfeature film soon premieres, what could be better than watching the latest game with the brave puppies? For you who are not versed in the toddler world, so be it Paw Patrol originally a cartoon TV series with a collection of puppies of different breeds that together save lives and the world. Here are the police German Shepherd Chase, the flying cockapoon Skye and the Dalmatian firefighter Marshall. We have previously written about the former Paw Patrol: On a Rollthe game, which was a simple but cozy 2D side-scrolling game for the younger children, completely without violence, time pressure or any way to “die” in the game. Too few games aimed at (or adapted for) smaller children are crazy, usually they are either too advanced with too many buttons and combinations, or too violent (which is why we and the kids love Mario Kart 8, which can be set to be very generous with driving assistance for the least). So when a new PAW Patrol game with a 3+ year mark appeared in the review pile, we and the kids reviewers invited it with open arms.

Paw Patrol Mighty Pups - Save Adventure Bay Marshall and Chase spray water
Photo: Outright Games

Paw Patrol Mighty Pups: Save Adventure Bay not only has a much longer and more complicated title, it is also more advanced in game mechanics and offers co-op (two-player mode). The game plan has now become more 3D – or at least gives the illusion of three dimensions. The game is still very helpful and kind and even lets players with less developed fine motor skills manage jumping and steering. Since you can now be two at a time and go in more directions (eight, technically), the game will still be a little more difficult than the 2D side-scrolling game, so the less your children are in age or playing habit, the more you should consider starting with the old game first.

Paw Patrol Mighty Pups - Save Adventure Bay Skye
Photo: Outright Games

Despite slightly higher demands on motor skills Mighty Pups still very child-friendly. You can replay courses and get a little help in which direction you missed bonuses (so you do not have to pick everything again for each round, as in the previous game). But the absolute biggest advantage is that children can now play two at the same time – either with a sibling, a friend or why not a parent? PAW Patrol is made for co-op and that function is the single best thing about this sequel. One thing that does get a little smoky in the cup, however, is that special features such as Quick time events (press the right button at the right time) or the running tracks, can only be run by a single player at a time – which still leaving someone outside. Other games have solved this better (among other things LEGO Incredibles).

Paw Patrol Mighty Pups - Save Adventure Bay snow landscape
Photo: Outright Games

Paw Patrol appears on the Paramount / Viacom-owned children’s channel Nickelodeon and is in itself no wonder of modern animation. Therefore, the last-gen look still works well here, although of course we had hoped for some kind of next-gen patch for Xbox Series or PS5 now, almost a year later (however, the game works well to run on the machines through backward compatibility). But the aesthetic is, after all, no dealbreaker for a game like this. Our boys reviewers also pointed out that it was a bit of the “superheroes” Mighty Pups – despite the title, something we adults did not react to at all, but which gets a little strange as it is actually the game’s title. At the same time, it feels like all PAW Patrol puppies get more even playing time here compared to one, who leaned a little too much against Chase, Skye and Marshall.

Paw Patrol Mighty Pups - Save Adventure Bay mini-games Boogie Chase and Skye
The dance game Boogie was poppis, but a little difficult for the very youngest. Photo: Outright Games

As before, there are also mini-games, some that you will recognize from one and one Just Dance-inspired game that became the boys’ favorite (and is quite difficult for the little ones). As a whole, this is a slightly more challenging game due to the game mechanics and all the directions you can go, but it is still quite well set for children who may have a little gaming experience or who can get some adult help. The price tag feels a bit salty for such a simple game (the license probably costs a lot), but at the same time it is such a crazy lack of games for really small children that it still feels worth it.

If you have fans of PAW Patrol at home, you can do much worse than surprise them with one Paw Patrol Mighty Pups – Save Adventure Bay!