Review: Persona 5 Royal (PS4)

Three years later, Persona 5 gets an “Ultimate Edition”. But what’s really new in Persona 5 Royal Edition?

Atlus Persona 5 released in 2017 with thunder and bang. A fantastic JRPG and one of the ten best games of the year, according to us at Senses. Now the game is released again – like Persona 5 Royal Edition – and we dive right into what to expect (if you haven’t known the game since before, we recommend that you read the review of the basic game, Persona 5).

persona 5 royal ps4 pro

Persona 5 is, as I said, a fantastic game, but it was not without flaws (like everything else in life). One of the complaints was that there was ample ammunition, which always ended in the dungeons visited. It is fixed now, you have herewith infinite balls at your disposal. Another was that the game was huge and not so good at guiding you, the choices sometimes felt overwhelming to many (to spend “free time” on).

Otherwise, we can summarize the news as follows:

An extra term in the school year + new castle (dungeon).

One large new area on the map, Kichijoji with new places to visit and new storylines.

New character you can play with, Kasumi Yoshizawa.

New attacks that your characters can put together (tag team, “Showtime”) and Joker have been endowed with a back hook that can make transport on the tracks easier and also provide access to hunting for bonuses (Wills).

persona 5 royal tag team
Now you can tag-team your opponents.

A plethora of new intermediate sequences that deepen the characters’ relationships. You can also get assistance and guidance in how you should distribute and focus your time between courses (welcome!)

New, third form for your warriors, new enemies, new weapons, new personas and two new end to the story.

Unlockable content, such as pictures, animated sequences, music and more in “The Thieves Den”, a kind of bonus game you can unlock in the pause menu.

PS4 Pro gets a long-awaited boost, 4K graphics.

As you can see this is a lot of upgrades and more material than in the original edition. Therefore, it is a no-brainer, that if you want to start playing Persona 5 (and you will), then you should choose Royal Edition. If you have already played through the basic game, the new features may not be so Remarkable that they are worth buying for the game, at full price too. Then the game has also become even longer than it was from the beginning and it can be a disadvantage and advantage if you never want to leave the magic Persona 5-the world or want to take you to the next big JRPG release (Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2?).

persona 5 royal persona summon

In any case, it is a must to experience Persona 5, if you have the slightest interest in Japanese role-playing games in general and really well-developed storylines and characters in particular. It requires patience during the first few hours, but as the old saying goes “patience is a virtue”. And having been so skilled that you waited three years to experience the game, you now also get a slightly sharper, better looking and fuller version of a superb game. Win!