Review: Poker Club – SENSES

Personally, I have never been much of one Poker-player. I think I’ve played real poker maybe five times in total in my entire life. What I have done, however Quantity times is to slip into a saloon somewhere in the American South and sit down at a table and play poker in Red Dead Redemption 2! So when Poker Club appeared in the review pile so I became curious.

Photo: Press image © 2021 Ripstone - Poker Club - Lay your Chips.
Photo: Press image © 2021 Ripstone

Poker Club is a well-made Poker simulator where you can play alone against bots or against other players online, up to six players at a time. Every month there are great prizes and the game is constantly evolving with new challenges. Start small and increase in the ranks and finally you can play in the absolute top tier of poker players. It is also possible to play between different consoles and computers, so-called cross play. So you have the game for example Switch then you can invite players who are sitting on Playstation, PC or Xbox. You just send a code to the person you want to play with so that person can go in and meet you. The other player must of course also own the game, but it is a very flexible function.

Poker Club creates a realistic first-person view of the poker game. You sit at your table and can look around. The soundscape is quite advanced and fun, it feels like you are really sitting in a real poker tournament.

Photo: Press image © 2021 Ripstone - Poker Club - Show me your Pokerface
Photo: Press image © 2021 Ripstone

The problem with Poker Club is that the graphics are extremely choppy and blurred Nintendo Switch, which was the format I tested the game on. It feels extremely shaken, compressed and choppy. The movements of the characters are quite good and well done, but the resolution feels deplorable. Charging times are also quite long both in portable (lower performance) and in docked (higher performance) mode.

Photo: Screenshot nintendo Switch - Poker Club - Blurry graphics.
Photo: Screenshot from Nintendo Switch. – Here it is clear how blurry the image is.

Even in portable mode, on the small screen, the image feels very blurry and contrastless. In docked mode, it gets really miserable because on a big TV you see every single flaw. Poker Club is developed so it works the next-gen consoles in 4K and here somewhere I think the problem lies. Nintendo Switch has very modest performance compared to the powerful consoles like Xbox Series X and Playstation 5. Although it is still strange, for so advanced is not the graphics on Poker Club so that it should look this bad.

Photo: Press image © 2021 Ripstone - Poker Club - Chips in one hand.
Photo: Press image © 2021 Ripstone

So in summary, the rating drops a lot due to the lousy version (graphics) on the Nintendo Switch. It was difficult for me to concentrate on the game precisely because the image was so blurry. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation Poker Club still is a very skillfully constructed game with many hours of entertainment for a small amount of money, the rating will still be approved.