Review: Potion Craft –

Potion Craft is a very early early access indie game where you play as a medieval alchemist who moved into an abandoned house, but is that enough?

In the game, you make magic potions for customers and get money depending on the quality and if you choose to bargain. To make the troll drinks, you have to collect ingredients from your magic garden or buy them from wizards and forest walkers.

The crafting system is very innovative and is like a breath of fresh air compared to all other systems in other games. You get a blank map and by putting ingredients in your cauldron you go into one of the weather lines, loops and zigzags to discover more of the map and avoid dead areas which makes your magic potion fail. You find new effects and mix and match effects according to your customers’ needs.

Potion Craft

Both the art style and the music make you get into a medieval feeling. The art style makes everything look hand-drawn and gives off a calming feeling. The music is not very creative but it works for this game and together with the art style they make one forget the outside world and just focus on the game.

There is no story in the game except for you who make money and unlock more effects. But since the game is not ready yet, maybe it will come in the future.

The game can sometimes feel semi-clear with lots of buttons that just give you the message that it “will be coming soon” which takes away from the general feel of the game and I personally think the game was released too early.

The art style is absolutely perfect for this type of game. It really conveys the feeling that you are living in the Middle Ages and is absolutely wonderful to watch.

The music works for this type of game and just as the art sylen brings a feeling of the Middle Ages, but as soon as you open the game for the first time, it feels like you have heard it hundreds of times.

Potion Craft

The environment in the game is absolutely wonderful. The combination of music, art style and gameplay makes one push everything else and makes one just think of the game.

Playing the game is wonderful and can keep you entertained for hours trying to make your customers happy without running out of ingredients but what bothers me the most is the constant feeling that the game is semi-clear. That feeling just makes me want to close the game sometimes, but in a few months when more of the game has been released, it has the potential to become one of the best indie games I have ever played. But for the moment I can not give this game more than approved, it is a perfectly OK game, but there is a lot left and you really feel that it is early access.