Review: Predator Hunting Grounds – Dutch Tapes (DLC)

Predator: The Hunting Grounds DLC gives us Arnold Schwarzenegger. But not in the way we had hoped.

To Arnold Schwarzenegger is back and fighting Predators is cool in so many ways. It’s been a dream for filmmakers ever since Predator 2, which premiered in 1990. 20 years later – in the film Predators – they had high hopes again of getting Arnold by the end of the movie, but he declined. Now the latest in Predator (2018) the filmmakers once again dreamed of having the original Dutch in a Cameo at the end of the movie, but once again said it was cold hand from Arnie.

Predator Hunting Grounds - Dutch DLC Screenshot Playstation 4 - Copyright 2020 - Illphonic

So when it came out that he has lent his voice and appearance to it – in my opinion pretty mediocre game Predator – Hunting Grounds – it came as a big surprise. The pulse increased when it became clear that we would find out a little more about what happened to Dutch after the events in the jungle in 1987. So when DLCI was eager to get started. What if it was actually a story mode that I really missed Predator Hunting grounds?

Predator Hunting Grounds - Dutch Tapes - Screenshot Playstation 4 - Copyright 2020 - Illphonic

Okay, I’ll download the DLC and start the game. Everything looks exactly the same. Where is the DLC? During “Extras” perhaps? Yes, there are the cassette tapes that Dutch spoke in. Listens to one of them in some kind of hope that it will start a story mode when it’s over. Nope. Where the hell is it then? Okay, the game starts. Maybe it’s that you can choose to play that Predator, soldier or Dutch. Nope. Not that either. What phase? I finally had to check the internet how they came to play as Dutch. Watch the video below so you don’t have to look, which I got.

So where yes, now I’m Dutch and now it’s time to get started. But wait now? This is the same kind of course as before? There is no difference whatsoever, except that I look and sound like a tired Arnold? The disappointment bubbles up within me and I realize that the whole thing is nothing more than a new avatar, which looks and sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger and where you can find audio tapes under the tracks. So no story mode. So now you instead get the pleasure of seeing two, three and some horrible laps four Arnolds running around on the same track. It does not make the gaming experience stronger, but on the contrary weaker.

Predator Hunting Grounds - Dutch Tapes - Screenshot Playstation 4 - Copyright 2020 - Illphonic

In summary, maybe it was very much requested that there would be a big difference in the gaming experience for only 70 SEK, but I really hoped for a little more than this. So the grade then becomes. It is still hoped that one day Schwarzenegger will meet a Predator again. But this time on the white cloth.