Review: Predator – Hunting Grounds

Faithful movie, but had really won on a single player mode.

As I mentioned when I reviewed the latest movie in the franchise The Predator, I really dig part one and two of Predatorfilms. The first movie (with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role, which got the name Predator when the movie was released in Sweden) is still my absolute favorite. It’s a perfect backfill movie, full of action, one-liners and evil, sudden death. So when Predator Hunting Grounds showed up on my radar and I immediately became interested. It really looked like you were playing the first movie.

Predator Hunting Grounds - Screenshot Playstation 4 - Copyright 2020 - Illphonic

Already about 33 years ago, I played one Predator games on my Atari 1040STE and I remember that was difficult as the phase when meeting the titular Predator. IN Predator Hunting Grounds You can choose whether you want to be a hunter or a quagmire and when the game is a hundred percent online game you have to wait a while to play as the Predator.

You have three choices each game round: to play as a soldier, predator or random. There are up to five players, four playing as soldiers and one playing predator. When you are a soldier, you have missions and fight NPC like a regular game. Then the Predator comes into the picture and it all immediately becomes much more difficult. The predator can withstand a lot of blows and even though it is four to one, it is initially more or less impossible to take cabbage on him before you have unlocked and upgraded your weapons.

Predator Hunting Grounds - Screenshot Playstation 4 - Copyright 2020 - Illphonic

The wait time when I played was around 50 seconds to play as a soldier and up to ten minutes to a quarter to play as the Predator. Once you are the Predator, you have 15 minutes to make the process short with the four players. You have no indication of who players are and who are NPCs, so just kill everything that moves. The violence is brutal and bloody and you can, like the movie’s counterpart, tear from your neck and death skull from your victims and keep them as trophies.

Predator Hunting Grounds - Screenshot Playstation 4 - Copyright 2020 - Illphonic
Be prepared for a long wait to play as Predator.

The controls differ quite considerably between being the Predator and soldiers. As the Predator, you can run up the tree canopy and make yourself invisible and jump long distances. It really feels like the creators of the game have watched the movies in every detail. As a soldier it is more of a regular FPS, without any major surprises – except possibly you can swim in mud, so you become invisible to the Predator for some time. As with many other games in the genre, you can modify your weapons, upgrade your equipment and micro-mange your outfit and look. It is both for the soldier and the Predator that you can unlock new stuff.

Predator Hunting Grounds - Screenshot Playstation 4 - Copyright 2020 - Illphonic

The music, sound effects and look are perfectly recreated from the movies and it is really fun to experience the thrill of fighting the Predator. The graphics are nice with many details, but unfortunately it suffers from some artifacts that I don’t think are that good. Among other things, there are several times that everything is not loaded directly, but it “pops” textures while you play. It feels very mossy and old for a brand new game. Then I really miss one Single playermode, with a story. Because in the same way as most other online games that I have tested, it is not so fun to do the same thing over and over again with people you do not know. It quickly becomes boring and the game instead becomes merely a pastime in the style of Candy Crush, instead of experiencing a deep history.

Predator Hunting Grounds - Screenshot Playstation 4 - Copyright 2020 - Illphonic
Some witty Trophies are promised.

In summary, is Predator: Hunting Grounds Still a fun pastime for the moment, well done and neat but with some flaws. Had it found a single player mode, this could have been this year’s game. Instead, it is a pastime that is interesting for the moment.

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