Review: Ride 4 – SENSES

God how long ago it was I played motorcycle games! It became very clear when I started playing Ride 4, which is being released these days and is developed by Milestone.

Ride 4 MC
Ride 4. Photos / screens from the PS4 Version

Before I even got into the main menu in Ride 4 so I had to cope with a challenge that started as soon as I started the game. The challenge was to complete a lap on the predetermined course in 1min 19 sec. Here it became clear that I had not played this type of game for a long time. You did not get a tutorial (tutorial) so I had No idea how to handle the motorcycle, I spent more time jamming the motorcycle until I checked the controls in the pause menu. Once I had gained some control on the bike, I reacted very quickly to how horribly fast it went. It went so fast that it was difficult to “keep up with the turns”… to express myself diplomatically.

Ride 4 in-game PS4
Ride 4. Photo: Screenshot PS4 version

The game’s graphics are absolutely fantastic at first glance, as long as you focus on the course. Once I looked up a little, the surroundings were a little worse, but not much. A minor problem in my opinion as the idea is that you should have (must have) full focus on the course. For each lap that goes, you see tire marks from the previous lap, where you have braked in or got tire release. Just such a small detail that you perceive realistic graphics in the rearview mirrors on the motorcycle is impressive. The asphalt, the edge protection, the fencing and so on: everything is well made. The other thing that struck me was that when I looked at the motorcycles, they were also fantastically well made, realistic and detailed. The game mechanics, how the driver moves on the motorcycle and the motorcycle behaves depending on what I do is also very realistic.

Ride 4
Ride 4

At game start, you can only play Multiplayer, Career Mode or Single Race. If you want to play the Endurance mode, for example, you have to wait until you unlock it during the game. There is only one playable motorcycle from the start and one equipment (gear), the rest must be purchased with in-game credits. However, it is easier to earn the credits in this game than any other of the sports games I have played lately. I can not find a single place where microtransactions were encouraged, which is unusual in today’s game but of course welcome.

If we switch to multiplayer mode quickly, there was only one lobby at the time of the test, I connected without problems and was able to start a race relatively quickly. In this mode, I spent around two hours and everything just floated on, with no lag or bugs. A rather entertaining game mode, as all challengers are differently skilled at the game.

Ride 4 race
Ride 4

I think as a whole that Ride 4 as games are perfectly okay. The problem that arises when a game becomes so realistic that it almost corresponds to reality, is that the game becomes so extremely difficult to play. This type of simulator game is therefore becoming very niche and seems to target a very narrow clientele of sim gamers. Have you not played similar games or the previous editions of Ride then you will have a hard time getting into it.

To sum up, the graphics are in Ride 4 fantastic and true to life, the game mechanics are very realistic but at the same time very difficult. I would say that if you are interested in motorcycle games, but not played Rideseries before, this may not be the game to start with; the degree of difficulty fluctuates between difficult and very difficult and the learning curve will be tough. If, on the other hand, you are familiar with the game series and have played a lot of motorsport simulators before, you will not be disappointed because Milestone has delivered an incredibly well-made game. And best of all, no microtransactions as far as my eyes could see. The amount you have invested in buying the game itself is enough.