Review: Sable –

Sable is a game where you play as the main character (Sable). The game begins in a small village called Ibexi which is also used as your tutorial world.

Tutorial leaves you with very little knowledge of how the game is actually played apart from the basics like how to run and call on your floating bike. This can mean that you do not know how to start your adventure in the giant world and force you to become self-taught if you do not want to search for a tutorial online ..

When you first go out on your bike meet you can be met by new cities, ruins and temples that will slowly make you understand how the game works.


At the end of the tutorial you get a waypoint to a city where you meet a mechanic who gives you a quest which results in you getting a mechanic badge. If you get three badges in an area such as an entertainer or guard, you can go to a mask maker who will give you a mask in exchange for your badges. And that’s what the game itself is about. Do quests and get masks.

The beginning of the game can be very difficult in the beginning because your map is completely blank. You must either look for cities and ruins to do quests in or be lucky enough to find a trader who gives you a map for one of the parts of the world.

The game does a fantastic job of making you understand characters you may have only talked to once or twice, and this is only based on the game’s beautiful environment where you just roam around and look for the next thing to do.


I’m absolutely sure that the species style in Sable is the best many have seen, but personally I do not like that the world lacks detail and completely loses its strong colors at night. The music is wonderful when it is played, but most of the time, your leaves with only background noise such as the wind and the engine on your bike and it can make the game feel empty.

Sable is a game with many wonderful quests and cities that you can explore but the game has lots of problems. The world is extremely large, which results in it often feeling empty with only deserts as far as the eye can see. The game has many gameplay bugs such as that your bike does not come to you and that you can swim in the air which forces you to reload the world. The game is also on the verge of unplayable without control due to menu bugs where you get stuck on the map and where the mouse disappears. The game is of course new and the bugs will be 100% fixed, but for the moment the game has a lot of problems.