Review: Saints Row The Third – Remastered

Saints Row The Third is the game for you who think the GTA is taking itself too seriously.

Saints Rowgames have since 2006 become a major franchise for studio Volition and distributor Deep Silver; to date, the series has sold over 13 million copies. A perfectly screwed up and in every way unkind GTA-clone, which prioritizes crazy set-pieces over any kind of serious attempt at storytelling and character development. It is easy to sit on tall horses and judge something that came out in another era, almost a decade ago (2011). But at the same time it is difficult to ignore that the timing in Sweden is rather unfortunate for a game that in the start menu contains a game mode called “Whored Mode” (sounds like horde mode, do you think?) Which assumes that you is going to kill hordes of prostitutes with a giant dildo … With that said, we have set the bar for the remaster of Saints Row The Third, which is released just today.

saints row the third remaster johnny gat mask

Saints Row is about a bunch of big B. criminals. They are wild brains, joking about everything and not harboring the slightest conscience of bad conscience when they commit bank robberies, loot cars or shoot cops and rival gangs. The whole set-up is really like a crappy version of GTA, with a reasonably open sandbox world where you can take missions, buy houses and weapons, make war, take over from vespor to passenger aircraft and in between a little story with more or less flipped trajectories and layouts . It’s full speed from the first frame, the realism is at the cartoon level and it’s really 95% trams, where you commute between who plays pulling on the smile bands for some replicas (which are pretty well played by the voice actors, some of which are really well-known names) to completely cringe: a to “fun-loving elements”; like you can run around dressed up in a giant hot dog and haggle and yell – yes, you read right – haggle and rattle against their opponents to tease them. The party can begin!

saints row the third remaster policeman

Don’t misunderstand us now. We really are no snowflakes, who think filthy jokes and toilet humor are offensive. On the contrary, we love roasts and wicked humor – and it is done right and with some kind of finesse. We can laugh well at the puerile humor in South Park (both the TV series and the games) because there is still some kind of intelligence and social criticism at the bottom. IN Saints Row Maybe you could imagine that, if we are to be generous, but most of the time is spent on layouts and game mechanics that seem to be developed by very young teens or frat-boys and aimed at the same target group.

saints row the third remaster cat policy

However, you soon “get used” to the level and behind all the stupidity there is a game that is not entirely practiced, especially if you like the sandbox genre (which almost gets new meaning here) and GTA clones, as pointed out earlier. Some action sequences, such as the intro runway and the fight on an airplane, are exactly the kind of exaggerated cartoon-action-violence you might occasionally find fun to experience in a game. And after all, you also get invested in the city over time and it’s fun to upgrade your weapons, gang and avatar’s features.

saints row the third remaster aircraft
One of the best and funniest features of Saints Row The Third. Photo: Volition

Since Saints Row The Third is almost ten years old, the developers have jumped on the renewal train and made a remaster of it. And, of course, the game is much nicer than it used to be – at least at first glance, not least thanks to anti-aliasing and, above all, sensibly implemented HDR. However, facial models are outdated and many of the pillars of the game’s environments feel as dated as large parts of the humor and tone. What is also anything but optimal is the controls. Here is a kind of toughness that makes them sluggish and sometimes inaccurate – something that is quite devastating in action sequences with a lot of enemies that need to be fired quickly and not least when driving various vehicles, where you must also be able to do tricks and precision driving .

There are also some technical problems that, despite two large patches, are not completely eliminated. On the PS4 version, frames could be dropped properly, sometimes to the slightest degree that everything only stopped for a few seconds – and we have received reports that The switch version is also pulled with serious problems. Of course, this may get better with upcoming updates, but we still have to mention what we actually had to assess at the time.

saints row the third remaster chariot

Some things don’t age very well Saints Row The Third is unfortunately one of those examples. Actually, it’s a shame, because under all the flaky humor and the somewhat bedridden-like controls, a not-quite-unrelated sandbox game hides. At the same time, there are so many, much better games in the same genre today and if you don’t must being a gangster is basically optional Assassin’s Creed or Red Dead Redemption 2 much better choices, for the same or less money. Or why not Volition’s own Agents of Mayhem? In addition, they also play the game better, while also looking better.

saints row the third remaster shoot out

This make-up reissue is only recommended for GTA fans in general and already saved (hayfever) Saints Row (The Third)fans in particular. Everyone else has too many, really good game remakes and remasters to put their teeth into, now and the next few months.