Review: Say No! More – SENSES

Do not say no to this wonderfully quirky game!

When I reviewed Genesis Noir for a couple of days sesan, I described it as the most odd game I have ever played. But well, I got it, Say No! More almost goes over and takes that first place. The game is about you being an intern in a large office and everyone driving with you until one day you find one cassette tape (Google what a cassette tape is, you young people out there.) That you put in yours Freestyle (Google…) and it turns out to be a self-help band that teaches you an important word: NO!

Press image: Thunderful - Say No!  More - Copyright 2021 - Character Creator page.
Press image: Thunderful – Create your own unique avatar, lots of fun choices!

Armed with many different versions of No you go through one crazy meeting after another. People fly through walls of the strength of your no and there is no stopping the ingenuity and humor in Say No! More. You can also run “charged No” which is even stronger and I can reveal that the Boss fight is really with the boss in the office!

Press image: Thunderful - Say No!  More - Copyright 2021 - In the park!
Press image: Thunderful – Spread the power of NO! to your colleagues.

The graphics are wonderfully 90s-edged and the music is absolutely perfect for creating the retro feel. All the characters you meet have their own, recorded voices, but I notice quite quickly that there are not so many different voice actors for several disguise their voices (with varying results).

Press image: Thunderful - Say No!  More - Copyright 2021 - Scream NO!
Press photo: Thunderful

Say No! More works perfectly for your Nintendo Switch. Everything is clear and good, even in the small screen and there are no charging times to talk about. The icing on the cake is that no matter how fun it is to see people fly and danger when you shout No to them, I realize pretty quickly that there is zero challenge in the game itself. You can not die, you can not fail. You can not choose where to go. You have a predetermined path and a lot of people are put in your way. But the humor and the insane pace outweigh its shortcomings!

Press image: Thunderful - Say No!  More - Copyright 2021 - Power No!
Press photo: Thunderful

In summary, this is one of the craziest games I have played – and even if it is not a major game challenge (or rather none at all), it is a fun relaxation and it is also important when it comes to games. So I still want to recommend Say No! More, because everyone feels good about being able to say no a little more often when you almost even take on far too much!