Review: Sir Lovelot – SENSES

A fun twist on a really fun retro platform slip!

That I beg retro platform games is not news I have reviewed a lot of these on – but Sir Lovelot added something new anyway.

Your avatar is a small, wet spot in an armor… and it all comes down to you going through a lot of dangers between various nocturnal visits to princesses in towers. When I describe it like this, it sounds pretty filthy, but believe me that it is all done with a giant twinkle in the eye, which makes the whole thing rather out-cute!

Press image: Pixel Games / Nintendo - Sir Lovelot - Damsel in distress
Photo: / Nintendo

The controls have the classic platform design with jump and attack. I manage the first course in a jiffy. Then, lane number two, it is one hope that is really challenging. After many attempts, I realize that I actually can double-jump by pressing twice in quick succession. All of a sudden, everything became so much easier. The tracks are full of dangers and every time you die you go back to the back of the box. The tracks do not scroll, but for each completed section the entire “box” is moved to the next part of the track (think old Zelda to NES). There are no loading times so you are quickly back in the game again if you jumped straight into a saw blade. The monsters you encounter have a nice look and are stupider than stone, so they are not that difficult to figure out how they move.

The graphics are both cute and well made. The retro feeling is total and with the fast, comfortable controls Sir Lovelot a really fun platform lir. It is easy to pick up and almost impossible to put down. It’s high “just one more time”Feeling of this.

Press image: Pixel Games / Nintendo - Sir Lovelot - Deluxe platform.
Photo: / Nintendo

Sir Lovelot makes itself perfect on the Nintendo Switch. It is no problem at all to clearly see all the details, even on the small screen in portable mode and this is a game that you want to take with you on the trip. As previously mentioned, there are zero charging times (in both docked and portable mode), which is a big plus. For extra challenge, there are various secrets on the courses to discover and you can also try to beat your old time.

Sir Lovelot goes off at around a hundred and it is very entertainment for that money. There are over 40 courses to explore with your quirky little avatar. What’s a shame is that some courses are insanely easy and others get terribly difficult, which makes it a little frustrating at times. Then I can also think that the music eventually becomes quite annoyingly monotonous.

Press image: Pixel Games / Nintendo - Sir Lovelot - Sir Lovelot jumps.
Photo: / Nintendo

In addition to some minor flaws Sir Lovelot a sickly fun platform game that does not take itself so seriously and that is fun and challenging. Considering the price tag as well, this will definitely be worth a warm recommendation!