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Review: Summer Catchers (Switch) – SENSES

Review: Summer Catchers (Switch) – SENSES

Colorful and fun pastime, perfect for your portable Switch!

Summer Catchers reminiscent of a game to min Atari 1040 STE as a hood Barbarian, where you use the mouse to press various icons that make your avatar do things. It was important to have the tongue right in the mouth and press exactly right to be able to move on. IN Summer Catchers the barbarian is exchanged for a wooden car and the enemy is not various monsters, but holes in the ground, uphills and totem poles. Including.

Press image: Noodlecake Studios - Summer Catchers - Copyright 2021 - Car in Snow.
Press photo: Noodlecake Studios

Your mission is to take you from the north to the south to experience the summer. To help you, you have your wooden car, which you can upgrade with various tools and selected aids. You initially have three tools to choose from: Bumper, jump and booster. You encounter totem poles, large holes and uphills and then it is important to press the right tool, at the right time. The tricky thing is that you do not always get exactly the three out of your tool bag, then you have to replace one and must not change all the time because it is a cool down period on your tool bag. At the same time, your car is constantly moving forward and it is important to act quickly to overcome the various obstacles.

Press image: Noodlecake Studios - Summer Catchers - Copyright 2021 - Car in desert.
Press photo: Noodlecake Studios

When you get a little more into the game, new challenges arise and then it becomes even more important to be a little strategic in what tools you have. You buy new tools after each round and pay with mushrooms that you pick along the way. Does it sound dizzy? The is it at first but then you get the cuts and it really gets both fast and fun – not completely different from the mobile successes Alto’s Journey and Alto’s Odyssey.

Press image: Noodlecake Studios - Summer Catchers - Copyright 2021 - Buy upgraded.
Press photo: Noodlecake Studios

The graphics are nice, with a nice retro-feeling and the sound and music sew the experience together in a nice way. Summer Cathers is one endless runner, but unlike other games in the genre, this game actually has a nice story that you move on the longer you play.

Press image: Noodlecake Studios - Summer Catchers - Copyright 2021 - meeting the spirit of the woods.
Press photo: Noodlecake Studios

Summer Catchers works, as expected, perfectly for your Nintendo Switch in both portable and docked mode visually. There is nothing in the game that gets too small or indistinct on the small screen. Funny enough works Summer Catchers actually a little better in portable mode as you can use the touch screen and thus be a little faster to select tools, than you are with hand controls or joy-cons.

Press image: Noodlecake Studios - Summer Catchers - Copyright 2021 - Laser puzzle.
There will also be a lot of puzzles – Press photo: Noodlecake Studios

In summary, that is Summer Catchers a fun pastime that is definitely worth experiencing on your Switch. So a warm recommendation to this!

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