Review: Tell Me Why – SENSES

Superbly told story in insanely beautiful environments.

DONTNOD Entertainment Is with Tell Me Why back after the success of Life is Strange. This time, they have twisted everything further. Relationships, feelings and events feel very realistic and your choices affect which direction the story will take.

Tell Me Why - DONTNOD Entertainment - press picture - copyright 2020

Gemini Tyler and Alyson meet again, for the first time in ten years. They are back in their childhood home, which they will try to sell. Once home, they begin to remember the events that changed their lives a decade ago.

I was really digging Tell Me Why. It is an incredibly well made and nice game. Voice actors, animations, environments, music and sound effects are absolutely top class and it is a joy to experience Tell Me Why on Xbox One X i 4K, if you have that opportunity. Tell Me Why is, like all Xbox Game Studios games, Xbox OneAnd PC-exclusive and it can be seen in the richness of detail and the image update that it knows how to take advantage of Xbox (One X) well-stocked resources.

Tell Me Why - DONTNOD Entertainment - press picture - copyright 2020

Your choices control the story and it happens seamlessly through the game. If you do not feel like talking, you do not need to talk. Tell Me Why is controlled for you to go a certain way, but it still feels a little more open than for example Detroit: Become Human where you really are not can make no choice but to open the specific door right there and then.

There are also a lot of very adult topics that are addressed in the game, which makes it really feel like a step up from other options in the genre. The twins can hear and feel each other’s thoughts and look back in time. So it is in a very visual and cool way that the story unfolds.

Tell Me Why - DONTNOD Entertainment - screenshot Xbox One X 4K - copyright 2020

Now I have nothing but praise Tell Me Why – so you might be wondering why it’s not a must? Well, the reason for that is unfortunately that no matter how well you have produced the game in all of the above, you have forgotten one important detail: game mechanics. The controls do not feel as accurate as I would like. There are many times that you have to walk around like a fool just to end up in the right place to even be able to interact with something. Sometimes it gets a little frustrating, unfortunately.

So in summary it is Tell Me Why, with its three interesting chapters a really awesome game that delivers a very exciting story. It is also intended for replays, to see how your choices affect the story during a second replay. So it will be a warm recommendation Tell Me Why (which is currently included in the Game Pass, so take care!).