Review: Visage – SENSES

Psychological horror game that really goes under the skin.

It’s extremely difficult to make really good horror games, I think. There are few times that I have really become genuine afraid when I have played such. I remember with warmth how I jumped high when the dogs jumped in through the window at first Resident Evil-the game on Playstation, at the time it went. Then there has been a plethora of games that call themselves “horror games” but do not succeed at all with their premise: To be intimidated.

Visage - SadSquare Studios - Xbox one X Screenshot - copyright 2020
Screenshots from the Xbox One X version (Photo: SadSquare Studios)

So it was with a certain skepticism that I took on Visage, from Canadian SadSquare Studios. It is called a “psychological horror game”. It can really mean anything.

Already during the intro sequence, I understand that this will be an experience beyond the ordinary. It’s one of the most hair-raising sequences I’ve seen and it’s really nasty, to put it bluntly, to be in this person’s clothes. I will not reveal what is happening, but I want you to experience it for yourself.

Visage - SadSquare Studios - Xbox one X Screenshot - copyright 2020

The heart is pumping after the intro and now we are in the game. We move through an abandoned, extinguished house. If we stay in the dark too long, we go crazy and the demons and madness come and take us. We must stay in the light. So it’s a horrible collection of candles and in and out screwing light bulbs to illuminate our path. We are given tasks that slowly but surely lead us to the inevitable end.

Visage - SadSquare Studios - Xbox one X Screenshot - copyright 2020

Visage has really succeeded in creating a nasty atmosphere and the intro keeps the interest going. Luckily, because it took me at least forty-five minutes before I experienced something scary again. Which is a shame because this is really a well made game, with good mystery and feel. Music and sound effects create a wonderfully scary atmosphere and once it gets started and scares, it’s proper. Experience Visage on Xbox One X is a very nice experience, as the graphics are really nice with many wonderful light effects and since the whole game is based on darkness and the fear of the same, it is a joy to experience it in 4K with deep beautiful contrast and blackness.

Unfortunately, the controls can feel a bit clumsy at times and since you can open most cabinets and pick things out there, you want it to be easy and smooth. Unfortunately, this is not the case, but it is both once and twice you swear that you lift out the wrong things. Then it is also not entirely easy to know where to go. It took me a while before I found the next section after wandering around the same place for 20 minutes.

Visage - SadSquare Studios - Xbox one X Screenshot - copyright 2020
Screenshot Xbox One X version copyright 2020

In summary, that is Visage a nice and cool game, but it gets a little too “mysterious” for its own good and with the slightly clumsy controls, I do not feel right that I can recommend it if you are not an avid horror game fan – and it is far from everyone is it. So the grade will still be good, or approved with praise.