Review: West of Dead – SENSES

Ron Perlman’s epic voice rescues an otherwise neat but buggy game.

“War, never changes” is the first thing we hear about the actor Ron Perlman say in my favorite game series Fallout and his epic voice is also the big stock in West of Dead.

West of dead - Copyright 2020 - Raw Fury - Xbox one x screenshot 4k.

You’re dead, so welcome to the afterlife. Your fight is not over yet; now, as a revolver, you have to spend eternity with new missions – one harder than the other. To your aid you have revolvers (of course), rifles and other attachments.

The first thing that strikes me West of Dead is the great looking style in the graphics. The characters look really cool and that is just the right style for the genre. Then when Ron Perlman starts talking and we get more into what it’s all about, expectations are raised a bit. To be crushed again quickly …

West of dead - Copyright 2020 - Raw Fury - Xbox one x screenshot 4k.

West of Dead is unfortunately a pretty buggy game. I ran it on the Xbox One X and it crashed for me the whole three times, in different places. So I hope a patch is underway, otherwise there will be a lot of sour mines (and bad reviews …). When I got it all working again, I try again on the track. Then I die. So, back to the beginning again and then … I die. Back all the way again. You can’t save in the middle of a path and checkpoints: one has quite a distance between each other. So if you die, you go back quite far and need to pick up weapons, something you have to do every time to move on. Insanely repetitive.

West of dead - Copyright 2020 - Raw Fury - Xbox one x screenshot 4k.
Here my avatar got stuck and the game crashed.

So, why do you die so often? Well, for the one who has come up with how to sieves in this game should have gone a basic course at angles. It is based on the fact that when you hold down the button you aim and then when you release it you shoot. The isometric view makes it very difficult to aim, I think, and since you can not only aim the weapon where you want and press multiple times, but you have to aim before each shot, the villain in question shoots you pretty quickly if you are not faster. This results in a lot of frustration.

However, how to use the various weapons is smart. All weapons are active all the time and so you use the trigger buttons for firearms and the bumper buttons for axes and other throwing weapons. Smooth and smart – if it weren’t for the visibility problem above.

West of dead - Copyright 2020 - Raw Fury - Xbox one x screenshot 4k.

In summary, so be it West of Dead a neat and cool, thanks to the choice of Ron Perlman as a narrative voice and a game that could have quickly fallen into oblivion, gets a real boost with it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bugs here and the game mechanics make the game insanely much harder than it should have been. Plus: one weighs up anyway, so the grade is approved after all.