Review: Yaga – SENSES

Beautiful handmade environments, sharp humor and a crazy story are the cornerstones of this action role-playing game!

In the game Yaga so we get to meet that witch Baba Yaga and the first time I heard about her was actually in Ant-man and the Wasp when one of the characters exclaims it when he sees Ghost for the first time. Then Baba Yaga appeared in the remake of Hell Boy. Baba Yaga is Eastern Europe’s most famous mythological figure. She’s not really downright evil, even if she eats one or two kids. She can reason with you if you are polite and respectful!

Yaga - Press image: Breadcrumbs Interactive - Copyright 2021 - Ivan fights.
Press image: Breadcrumbs Interactive

Yaga was released for the first time already in the autumn of 2019, but in March 2021 it received a major update in the form of this version 1.1, with some new storylines (here you can read about everything that is new). Our avatar is called Ivan, he is the village’s slot machine. We guide him through the adventure and during the journey we collect various minerals and other building blocks so that Ivan can forge something new that he may need during his adventures. He can also cook things for different people he meets or sell what he creates. Yaga is a role-playing game and as always you have the opportunity to upgrade your avatar peu en peu and it is really necessary, because there will be some tricky missions in the end. Another tip is to update your sledgehammer, so that you do maximum damage.

Yaga - Press photo: Breadcrumbs Interactive - Copyright 2021 - Ivan forge.
Press image: Breadcrumbs Interactive

The environments are hand-painted and have great influences from Russia and art from countries in Eastern Europe. The story is shaped by our choices and there are several different endings. That’s really fun Yaga is the humor. It is quite sharp in places and a lot of boots are thrown to both the right and left. The view is isometric and a bit reminiscent of Diablo III, you gather forces and missions in the villages and when you are out in the countryside you are busy fighting. So the game mechanics are recognizable. It can be really difficult in some places and it is not always completely logical where you end up when you die. I was involved in a fight with some thieves, when I died I ended up back in the village and have to go out again to whip them – or so I can simply go to the client and lie. That said, your choices affect the story and if you want to be dishonest, there are all possibilities to be!

Yaga - Press photo: Breadcrumbs Interactive - Copyright 2021 - Ivan meets big guy.
Press image: Breadcrumbs Interactive

except that Yaga can be annoyingly difficult in places, I felt that the controls were not as tight as I had wanted. There is a certain “inertia”, which eventually became frustrating. But whatever the shortcomings, it is Yaga a beautiful, fun and quite large game for a small amount of money – and it has become even more versatile with this big update. So a recommendation is still well in place that you check it out now, if you have not already done so.