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Google Deepmind getting better at folding protein – could revolutionize biology

The open database Protein Data Bank today contains the three-dimensional structures of about 180,000 proteins that occur in various organisms of all kinds, from humans and fruit flies to fungi and bacteria. Google’s subsidiary Deepmind is expanding its database of estimated structures for an additional 350,000 proteins. These are structures that the company’s machine learning […]

Marvel’s Avengers can be played for free for a few days, but not everywhere at the same time

Marvel’s Avengers have not met the success hoped for by Square Enix. But like a super hero in the face of a complicated situation, the Japanese publisher did not give up so far. He continues to try to find ways to attract new users to his game-service and has just announced an operation to recruit […]

The inauguration of the Olympic Games in Tokyo was set to music by video games

Video game fans watching the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics may have noticed that familiar music was playing as the athletes marched into the arena. It all started with the theme from Dragon Quest, which is one of Japan’s most beloved game series, followed by music from Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, Chrono Trigger, Sonic […]

California sues Blizzard for “sex harassment culture”

The California Department of Employment and Housing, DFEH, has sued Blizzard Entertainment and parent company Activision Blizzard, claiming the companies have created a culture of “constant sex harassment” and gender discrimination, reports The Verge. Within a few hours after the news was out, several women who work or have worked at the company had come […]

Dead Space returns to PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC, video and first info

When it comes to rumors related to the video game industry, a phrase that comes up often is “there is no smoke without fire.” And as players watching the news just saw, the smoke from the rumor of Dead Space’s imminent return just turned to fire during EA Play Live. Read also: Electronic Arts files […]

Insomniac (Spider-Man, Ratchet & Clank) no longer makes choices based on hardcore gamers

In 25 years of existence, Insomniac Games has released many games, in various genres. And while some were clearly “general audiences,” like Spyro The Dragon for example, others were aimed more at a seasoned gamer audience. And to believe the Californian studio, it is no longer a question of trying to please them. Read also: […]

Sony releases new soundbar – HT-A7000

Sony has now unveiled its new flagship for soundbars, the HT-A7000. The soundbar has 7.1.2-channel surround sound with two upward-facing speakers, two directional trebles and five forward-facing speakers, as well as two built-in subwoofers. The soundbar also supports Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. Through the Vertical Surround Engine and S-Force Pro, the HT-A7000 will be […]

Sony releases new soundbar – HT-A7000

Sony has now unveiled its new flagship for soundbars, the HT-A7000. The soundbar has 7.1.2-channel surround sound with two upward-facing speakers, two directional trebles and five forward-facing speakers, as well as two built-in subwoofers. The soundbar also supports Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. Through the Vertical Surround Engine and S-Force Pro, the HT-A7000 will be […]

Ubisoft unveils Tom Clancy’s XDefiant, a new free FPS, info and video

As you may have seen in the reveal video on Monday, Ubisoft has unveiled its new title, a multi-free FPS called Ladies and Ladies .. Tom Clancy’s XDefiant. Why how ? This is what we will see right away. see also: Harclement: A complaint filed in France against Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot and executives Ubisoft therefore […]

SEGA broadcasts a series of documentaries celebrating 30 years of Sonic

For Sonic’s 30th anniversary, SEGA has, as logic dictates, a number of things: game releases, announcement of a new major episode, shooting of a new film, symphony concert, sale of derivative products, etc. And it seems that the Japanese publisher has not finished with the rejoicing. see also: Sonic Prime: From the concept art of […]

God of War director criticizes Sony’s pricing policy in some countries

Over time, we have had the opportunity to tell you on several occasions about the particularly high selling prices of consoles in Brazil. While these prices, as well as those charged in other developing or poor countries, obviously do not do the business of local players, some figures on the other side of the bar […]

A new Spider-Man with Miles Morales in development? A photo lets him think

Marvel’s Spider-Man is among the best-selling PlayStation First Party exclusives in the brand’s history. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, its standalone expansion is multimillionaire. If we add to the immense popularity of Spider-Man with the general public, everything suggests that Sony is not done with the world of spider-man. And a recent clue that appeared online […]

Windows 365: Soon you can run Windows in your browser

Microsoft yesterday introduced Windows 365, which makes it possible to run a full version of Windows in a browser on any device. Initially, the service will only be available to companies. The technology works just like Microsoft’s Xbox streaming service, which creates a virtual Xbox in the cloud. Similarly, Windows 365 creates a virtual PC […]

The best-selling PS4 game of June 2021 on the PlayStation Store was … Cyberpunk 2077

Made unavailable on the PlayStation Store for more than six months by Sony in response to the many technical problems plaguing the game on PS4, Cyberpunk 2077 returned to the virtual store at the end of June. And obviously the players were eager for him to return. Read also: Cyberpunk 2077 changes director and loses […]

SpongeBob vs Ninja Turtles vs Rugrats in new Smash Bros-like, info and video

The American television channel Nickelodeon has under its control a number of cult licenses for people who grew up during the second half of the 90s. And it does not hesitate to exploit them in crossover video games. After offering a Mario Kart-like featuring many of its famous characters three years ago, the chain has […]

JRPG fans debate the best game … during wrestling shows via placards

If there is one thing that gamers do not fear, it is taking part in endless debates during which each participant seeks impose make others understand how right he is. And while these debates are usually found under article comments, on forums, or on social media, some JRPG fans have found an original way to […]

TikTok’s global star has something to show us on Resident Evil Village

The principle is very simple: every day of the week, 7 p.m., find an unusual or humorous image in the form of a visual, Gif or video, related to the video game, high-tech or geek sphere which is in the news or who is completely timeless. See as well : PlayStation: An ‘unbelievable’ secret discovered […]

The Next-Gen version changes its artwork and promises unspecified DLC

One would have thought that the WitcherCon, which you were able to follow a few hours ago, would be mainly focused on the future of the Netflix series, without surprising us on the gaming side. This is partly true, but CD Projekt RED still had an interesting announcement to make. see also: WitcherCon: Relive the […]

Web trackers worried – Apple’s Private Relay could be the end of digital fingerprints

First, Apple and later Google stopped the use of unique ID codes for each mobile phone, and instead introduced an ad identifier that can be reset by the user. Then Apple started stopping the use of cookies to track users, and most other browser developers have hooked. The introduction of app tracking transparency this spring […]

Skateboarding, boxing, undercover, dancing, etc. Lost Judgment shows everything it has on PS5

Sony had advised during tonight’s State of Play announcement that third-party publishers would be providing updates on their games during the stream. Among these partners was SEGA, and the latter wanted to show what the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio is preparing for next fall. read also: Yakuza: The English translation of the PSP episode uploaded […]

RoboCop Rogue City, a new game in the universe of the original films, announced

Although it has not had any real recent film activity (the 2014 film reboot is long forgotten), the RoboCop license remains one of the monuments from the blessed era of the 1980s. So when a new The original RoboCop trilogy game is announced, it is quite an eye-catcher. see also: NACON CONNECT: Relive the event […]

The United States may impose federal “right to repair” rules through the FTC

In recent years, various US states have tried to enforce “the right to repair” laws, but so far no one has succeeded – often under pressure from companies that make money from being alone in repairing their own products, such as Apple. Now reports Bloomberg that a first step is being taken towards a national […]

Physical and Collector Versions Coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series

Clearly, the game of Innersloth never ceases to make the news: while most console versions continue to be desired, the publisher Maximum Games announces today the arrival of physical versions and at least as well. collector of the famous Among Us. Not once, not twice, but three times. Adjug, sold. see also: Metroid Dread, a […]

A State of Play announced for this week, and other info promised for this t

This Tuesday, July 6, 2021 could almost be officially renamed “Rumors Confirmation Day.” Indeed, after the confirmation by Nintendo of the upcoming release of the Nintendo Switch OLED, it was the turn of an old rumor concerning PlayStation to be valid. Read also: PS5: Sony talks about sales and wants to break a record set […]

The Lord of the Rings Gollum shows himself in video in pre-alpha version

As predicted by MY own sources of extraterrestrial origin, The Lord of the Rings: Gollum showed up during tonight’s Nacon Connect, Tuesday, July 6, 2021 on Earth. Let’s take a closer look if you want … see also: Is the OLED Switch a “Switch Pro”? Nintendo clarifies its power Daedalic Entertainment has more precisely revealed […]

Tales of Arise unveils its muscle introduction and main theme in video

Long-time elders know that the first contact with the Tales of series begins from the second episode with a beautifully crafted anime introduction, immediately intended to immerse us in the atmosphere of a new universe. In order not to break a tradition several decades ago, the new opus will bend the tradition. see also: TEST […]

Samsung releases new robot vacuum cleaner – Jet Bot 90 AI Plus

Samsung has now released its new smart robot vacuum cleaner Jet Bot 90 AI Plus. The vacuum cleaner is described as the world’s first equipped with a 3D-active stereo sensor that can precisely scan an area to find difficult-to-detect objects and obstacles as small as one centimeter. This then prevents the vacuum cleaner from getting […]

Deathloop thanks her for giving him the means to achieve his ambitions

We knew the next project of these devils of Arkane ready to exploit the DualSense. Another thing the studio will benefit from is Sony’s next-generation console technology. see also: Deathloop: We discovered a new gameplay sequence, our impressions in loop (s) At Arkane, they are happy to have developed Deathloop on PS5. Because it would […]

Homemade gameplay of the graphic update which reinforces the immersion

We told you about it yesterday, the new Wreckfest update is here, and it is without warning that Bugbear has decided to flatter our retina on the PC version of the game with some significant graphics improvements. To see also: PlayStation Plus: July 2021 “free” games announced, a PS5 game in the bundle [MAJ] So […]

Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales updates to think better

It’s update day for Insomniac Games. In addition to its Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, the Californian studio is providing another of its retouching games to always appear more beautiful and cleaner. see also: Insomniac Games is hiring for an unannounced multiplayer project Marvel‘s Spider-Man Miles Morales update 1.10 released on PS5. About 3 months […]

Article: Payment security at online casinos

Introduction The basis of all e-commerce is that consumers feel secure with their payments. This is especially true of online casinos where money naturally plays a central role. This article discusses the payment security of online casinos. The text will also examine what technology and regulations exist to ensure that players’ personal information is secure. […]


Star Wars: The Old Republic celebrates ten years this year and this will be celebrated big, including the release of a new expansion. Star Wars: The Old Republic lives on and it’s time to celebrate that the game actually turns 10 this year. This will be celebrated big and this by releasing a new expansion […]

DOOM Eternal in 8K Ray Tracing Ultra, how many FPS with an RTX 3090? Our in-house gameplay

Ray tracing and DLSS have arrived in DOOM Eternal, so it’s time to see how the (brilliant) game engine performs in extreme condition in this new graphics configuration that brings better management of reflections and light. See as well : Switch Pro: New rumors from Spain list the news First of all, it is important […]

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut announces new PS5 features, coming out next month

The announcement was largely leaked, but whatever: Ghost of Tsushima will return to tell us about the Japanese adventures of samura Jin Sakai in a Director’s Cut version full of bonuses, which officially unveils today. see also: PS5: DOOM Eternal free new-gen update is here, but there is a but Sony is once again rewarding […]

Popular card game meets JRPG in Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle

Cygames show at E3 a console version of its popular online card game Shadowverse. For those who do not know is Shadowverse a Japanese card game closely related to both Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering (part of the game developers are Magicpros too!) and it has been around for five years now with regular updates. […]

The “worst” builder to work with for indies, according to testimonials

We were talking to you yesterday about statements from a freelance developer / editor frustrated by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s way of managing its professional relationships with smaller companies. Apparently, this testimony has contributed to the splitting of many languages. Read also: PS5: Sony talks about sales and wants to break a record set by the […]

A patch allows you to BREAK everything and cross player like crazy

THQ Nordic just sent us a message via digital carrier pigeon that will thrill followers, and there is, if you want my personal opinion, regarding Wreckfest, its massive destruction racing game. And this should appeal to most humans, starting with a certain Poufy … who already has over 400 hours of playtime on it. Bigre […]

The best hand controls for Iphone and Ipad – they will be better this autumn

With a wireless controller connected to an Apple gadget, you can get a lot of gaming fun. Although the mobile versions of many popular games are well adapted for touch screens, there is still a big difference in precision and agility if you use a hand control. IOS, Ipad OS and TV OS have long […]

July 2021 “free” games announced, a PS5 game in the bundle [MAJ]

Each month, Sony gives its PlayStation Plus subscribers a gift as a thank you for their loyalty. The builder gives the opportunity to download games for free. Those offered in July 2021 have been unveiled a little earlier than what the Japanese manufacturer was hoping for. Read also: PS5: Sony talks about sales and wants […]

Update, versions PS5 and Xbox Series X | S … For its 10 years Kerbal Space Program takes off the announcements

Ten years ago, ingenious little aliens presented themselves on the PC asking you to help them build a working rocket. Today, for this anniversary, Private Division has something to make fans fly. see also: Killer Instinct: The series is not dead, Phil Spencer must find the right partner Kerbal Space Program update 1.12 known as […]

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora tells us about its new generation engine

If she questioned the real craze around a somewhat forgotten film license for 10 years, the latest announcement from Ubisoft Forward certainly did not hurt our eyes. The rendering of Avatar Frontiers of Pandora is at the heart of a video released recently. see also: Ubisoft Forward: Avatar Frontiers of Pandora unveiled in a first […]

Collectibles: 8 collectible figures for fans who want that little extra

Meet “Headpool” However, we start with a figure that is highly mobile. At least the main part, which is also the core of this interactive replica of the anti-hero Deadpool’s head. It is equipped with 600 different phrases and its built-in sensors also enable reactions to the environment. The coolest thing of all, however, is […]

The big e-sports event for charity is underway

After last year’s success has the month-long event Gamers Without Borders once again opened the virtual gates. During a magnificent folk festival, various entertainment programs are held to raise as much money as possible. Take part in podcasts, participate in virtual concerts, compete in cosplay, participate in audience tournaments and not least check out the […]

Tales of Arise: We play Bandai Namco’s new role-playing game

Pre-tested game: Tales of Arise (PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Windows Launch: September 10, 2021Award: From SEK 568 on (PS5) Bandai Namco’s Tales of series of role-playing games may not be as well known (or recognized) as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, but have always been there alongside the giants. […]

Microsoft releases Xbox Series optimized screens

Microsoft has started collaborating with several screen manufacturers to optimize screens for the Xbox Series consoles, but what’s the difference? It comes as a bit of a surprise, but Microsoft has now announced that they have launched a program that will make it easier to find “good and optimized” screens for the Xbox Series. Microsoft […]

Setback for Valve – Dota 2 party in Stockholm threatened

E-sports is fighting against the wind to be accepted in the Swedish National Sports Association. Just over three weeks ago, a new vote took place on applications submitted by the Swedish e-sports association and the e-sports association SESF during the annual The Swedish Sports Confederation. Once again, the applications were rejected by the federations during […]

Husqvarna presents new impressive robotic lawnmower

Husqvarna Ceora is a new robotic lawnmower that this time is satellite-controlled and will be able to mow up to 50,000 sqm. Husqvarna has previously impressed with its robotic lawnmowers and now it’s time again, Ceora is clearly intended for mowing large areas, really large areas. Instead of laying out loops where robotic lawnmowers should […]

Tasks: Windows 11 can be significantly faster than Windows 10

Update (2021-06-20):Since this article was first published, Windows Central has gone out and updated its data on test results. These turned out to be not entirely correct. Although Windows 11 provides some improvement in performance over Windows 10 according to these initial tests, but not as large as first assumed to be the case. Below […]

The Nordics look better in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is only getting better and better, bigger and bigger, now it’s finally time for the Nordics to look good in the game. Microsoft has now announced that in their latest major update, which they have chosen to call World Update V: Nordics, contains significantly better maps of Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and […]

6 reasons to watch football live – collaboration, external content

Watching a football match live and in the stadium is an experience unlike anything else; there is simply nothing that can be compared to this. An exception may be extra well-filled music concerts, but even these pale in comparison. There are many reasons why you should at least once consider watching a football match live. […]


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