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The hotel located in the former premises of Kyoto will open

Because nothing is lost, nothing is created and everything is transformed, a hotelier will very soon be operating Nintendo’s former Kyoto premises. In 2014, Nintendo inaugurated its brand new premises in the south of Kyoto, definitively drawing a line under the historic workshop occupied from 1933, bordered by the Takasegawa and Kamogawa rivers. In January […]

Success for app that shares name with hot Wordle – the money for charity

Wordle is 2022’s first internet phenomenon. A simple word game that works much like Mastermind but with words. The rules are almost identical to the American play program Lingo and the 50’s game Jotto. The game has taken the world by storm and is now played by millions of players. Two things are truly unique […]

Pink Gaming Chairs

21,624 Reviews Scanned Trending in Chairs and Furniture Finding The Best Pink Gaming Chairs We receive a lot of questions about what products we recommend, especially the products on this page. Questions like: What are the bestPink Gaming Chairs to buy? What are the best Pink Gaming Chairs at Amazon, Walmart or ebay? or even What […]

Bug in Safari 15 may leak browsing history – no solution

Update (2022-01-19): Apple is working on fix Changes to Webkit to address the serious security flaw in Apple’s implementation of the javascript api Indexed DB have appeared on Github, reports Macrumors. The fix is ​​in a function that lists available databases and is about only listing the databases whose origin (website) is the same as […]

Horizon Forbidden West lays the groundwork for its story in video

Just a month from its release, the highly anticipated Horizon Forbidden West still retains many mysteries. Not sure that the (pretty) trailer of the day actually helps us. The pleasure of the eyes remains. Chance of the calendar (or not), it was the day after the announcement of the surprise takeover of Activision Blizzard by […]

Digital focus when the government proposes a new consumer purchase law

The government has sent its suggestions on a new Consumer Purchase Act to the Riksdag. The proposal focuses on digital goods and services but also includes changes to consumers’ rights regarding physical goods. An update of the law is necessary to adapt Swedish law to two new EU directives, but in addition to this there […]

McAfee Products

12,725 Reviews Scanned Trending in Software Our Promise to You We receive a lot of questions about what products we recommend, especially the products on this page. Questions like: What are the best McAfee Products to buy? What are the best McAfee Products at Amazon, Walmart or ebay? or even What are the most affordable (most budget […]

Microsoft hopes to buy Activision Blizzard for nearly $70 billion

In recent years, video game fashion has clearly been concentrated. Just days after Zynga was taken over by Take-Two; Microsoft smashes all records by offering… Activision Blizzard. No ? Yes. The announcement is quite crazy and yet all that is most official: Microsoft hopes to be able to afford the giant Activision Blizzard for 68.7 […]

Ridley Scott tells the story of Apple’s classic 1984 commercial

Well-known director Ridley Scott is currently completing Kitbag, a film about Napoleon that will appear on Apple TV Plus eventually. In an interview with Hollywood Reporter Scott shares an anecdote from his recent collaboration with Apple, which was the classic commercial “1984” that was shown during one of the breaks at Super Bowl XVIII 38 […]

The end ? Sony withdraws prepaid cards from sale

Last December, the very informed Jason Schreier hinted that Sony could soon retaliate following the stratospheric success of Microsoft’s Game Pass. Resellers across the Channel may offer us a new clue with the scheduled disappearance of an option offered by PlayStation Now. UK gamers will soon no longer be able to purchase PlayStation Now prepaid […]

AutoDesk Products

14,716 Reviews Scanned Trending in Software Our Promise to You We receive a lot of questions about what products we recommend, especially the products on this page. Questions like: What are the best AutoDesk Products to buy? What are the best AutoDesk Products at Amazon, Walmart or ebay? or even What are the most affordable (most budget […]

Pokémon Legends: Arceus game mechanics presented in a new trailer

A brand new pokémon game! Will be released in two weeks Pokémon Legends: Arceus, but already now we get a deep insight into how the game’s system and mechanics differ from traditional games in the beloved series. Not only do we get to see how the user interface conveys information, but also how the mechanics […]

What adventures await us in The Elder Scrolls Online 2022? On January 27, the next chapter will be unveiled

Ready or not, it’s time to prepare for a new year with great adventures in The Elder Scrolls Online! The previous year and the story of Gates of Oblivion and Blackwood is over and it carries towards new waters. As this short clip suggests, our next adventure awaits on the other side of the ocean. […]

Apple is adding more Swedish developers to the App Store Foundations Program

Sweden has some of the world’s most talented and creative app and game developers. As part of Apple’s efforts to support talented developers, they will soon welcome the 59th Swedish developer to their App Store Foundations Program, while Apple expands the program to 29 countries around Europe. However, the latest addition is a bit unexpected, […]

Google to brutal rcs attack on Apple: “Holds back”

Google has long complained that Apple’s Imessage has not been made platform independent, but in a new attack, Android CEO Hiroshi Lockheimer accuses Apple of holding back the entire industry by not adopting the new standard rcs that Google wants to replace sms. In a Twitter thread Hiroshi Lockheimer writes that Google is not asking […]

Look into the world of Savathûn and marvel at the environmental variations

A world that reflects her mind. On February 22, Bungie releases the fourth expansion for Destiny 2, The Witch Queen. And the queen is no less than the goddess Savathûn herself, an insidious and evil mistress. On someone on the left, she has succeeded in the feat of attaching herself to the forces of Light […]

The RPG between Zelda II and Castlevania announces its release on video

Because lovers’ day is still pretty overdone, the little guys from Berzerk Studio intend to make the 2022 vintage a memorable vintage, thanks to the very retro Infernax. Located somewhere between a certain Zelda II The Adventure of Link and Shovel Knight, Infernax action-RPG announces its release for February 14, 2022 on PC, PS4, Switch, […]

NetOnNet now offers the opportunity to rent consumer electronics

NetOnNet is constantly working to develop new solutions when it comes to consumer electronics and now it’s time to rent their stuff. Consumer electronics or gadgets that many also call it fun, you want the latest, but changing often or every year may not be something that everyone has the opportunity to. This may become […]

The reboot of the series would have changed developer

After a good decade of sluggishness, the Twisted Metal motorized combat series could soon be making a comeback. But on the road, too, plans can sometimes change. According to our colleagues from Video Game Chronicle, the potential comeback of the long-lost Twisted Metal saga would still be relevant, nearly ten years after the cancellations of […]

Google gets on the nut of Sonos – can limit the Nest speakers

The International Trade Commission (ITC) has delivered its final verdict in the lawsuit between Sonos and Google, reports Ars Technica. The court goes completely on Sonos’ line and convicts Google of patent infringement. Google’s smart speakers have used technology from five patents owned by Sonos without a license, and several products would have been banned […]

He transplanted a Game Boy Advance into a Tiger electronic game

For a child of the 80s and 90s, it is difficult to miss the Tiger electronic games. Offered in countless variations in the popular license colors of the day, these handheld games were everywhere. The catch was that the gameplay they offered was sketchy to say the least. Despite everything, their omnipresence means that some […]

The director of Days Gone would have liked to resume the series Resistance

director Jeff Ross has his tongue out. Despite the millions of copies of Day Gone passed, the ex-Bend Studio does not take offense, and laments once again the decisions once made by Sony. Have we ever heard from Jeff Ross as much since Bloomberg’s revelations about the refusal to start at Days Gone? despite critical […]

Apple 2021: This was the best and worst of the year

Content: January-March: A slow first quarterApril: Fixes Apple ArcadeApril: Spring Loaded eventJune: Worldwide Developers ConferenceSeptember: Apple vs. Epic round 1California StreamingOctober: The Unleashed event Here is a brief overview of Apple’s eventful 2021, where we also analyze the significance (or lack thereof) of each launch and event. January-March: A slow first quarter The first months […]

Article: How smartphones have changed the online casino industry: Pros & Cons

There is no doubt that the gaming industry is constantly changing. A few decades ago, it was unreal to play casino games without visiting a land-based casino. This was normal until online casinos changed the market and now it is possible to play wherever you are, with your mobile phone or tablet. Mobile devices have […]

The Switch remains the best-selling console in 2021, all the figures

You will not have escaped your notice: in this part of the world, the calendar renewal makes it possible to do the accounts, and to discover that the Switch has once again dominated the year 2021. As every year, the famous weekly Famitsu compiled the hardware and software charts of the Archipelago, just to do […]

The PlayStation VR 2 gives more technical details about the machine and its “PSVR 2 Sense” controller

Tonight at CES in Las Vegas, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, presented the next generation virtual reality system “PlayStation VR2” and the new controller “PlayStation VR2 Sense”. So what should we expect for the near future? Review of details … Jim ryan begins its spiel with this sort of thing which should give […]

An application to simplify the transfer of captures

Long reserved for video game professionals, the press or the most motivated players, taking game screenshots has become more democratic with the PS4-Xbox One generation. On Nintendo consoles, it is possible to take screenshots from the 3DS. On the latter, however, taking catches was not particularly easy. On Switch, the process has been simplified. But […]

Sonic Frontiers was indeed delayed by SEGA after negative feedback

Everyone knows: Sonic the Hedgehog will not have celebrated his 30th birthday in due time. And yet, SEGA had not forgotten it: the plans simply changed. After a first spring teasing, SEGA therefore formalized the arrival of an anniversary episode to celebrate the 30 years of its supersonic mascot: a time referred to as Sonic […]