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Puzzle Quest 3 has been announced, check out the first trailer!

Infinite Interactive’s now classic puzzle role-playing game Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords was released via Steam autumn 2007. Puzzle Quest 2 followed in 2010 and now, over ten years later, it is finally coming together for a third round; Puzzle Quest 3 has been announced, and you can check out the trailer below! Infinite […]

Gabe Newell: “Valve has new games under development”

In a new rare interview with New Zealanders 1 NEWS Valve’s CEO Gabe Newell confirms that the company “definitely” has several new games under development that they will present. The company that made itself known for acclaimed titles such as Half-Life, Portal and Counter-Strike had a long period of several years where they barely released […]

In May, Resident Evil Village will be released according to Capcom

Resident Evil Village has been on the agenda since the game was announced last year. Capcom recently announced that the game will be released in early May. This brand new gameplay trailer shows what the title has to offer. Capcom does not spare the gunpowder with all the visual details that the upcoming horror adventure […]

Resident Evil Village will be released in May, check out the trailer and gameplay!

Just as promised, Capcom livestreamed a new one Resident Evilpresentation last night, focusing on the terribly promising Resident Evil Village. In addition to a new trailer and a first gameplay demo, we also got a nailed release date; Resident Evil Village released on Friday, May 7 via Steam! The trailer once again shows everyone’s our […]

Valve has “definitely game under development” according to Gabe Newell

When Steam owners Valve are not fined for geoblocking, games are also being developed. The acclaimed and VR-exclusive Half-Life: Alyx (review) was released 10 months ago via Steam, and according to Valve CEO Gabe Newell, who lived in New Zealand during the current pandemic, more of that product is expected. – We definitely have games […]

Airpods Max disassembled: “Extreme craftsmanship”

When Ifixit opened Airpods Max and started disassembling the different parts, it turned out that they are something completely different from other Airpods models. In fact, they are some of Apple’s most repairable gadgets in several years, and the build quality is, to say the least, solid. Test: Apple Airpods Max – cool over-ear headphones […]

The circle is closed – Auto Chess Moba has been announced!

Two years ago, hobby developers released Drodo Dota Auto Chess, a chess-like “auto battler” mod for the moba game Dota 2. The success was immediate and led to Dota 2creators Valve launched its own variant Dota Underlords, while Drodo developed the standalone title Auto Chess. Now the circle closes then Auto Chess Moba has been […]

The Swedish CS legend ends as a professional – will stream full time

About six months ago, CS: GO professional Christoffer “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund, was placed on the bench by the team Dignitas. Since then, the future has been uncertain. “GeT_RiGhT” also chose to stay away from social media, and it was not until December 19, when he posted a trailer on his Twitter account, that various speculations began […]

The Swedish survival game Valheim early access will make its debut in February

This summer we were introduced to Valheim, a new Conan Exiles-scented survival game by Swedish Iron Gate, in collaboration with the similarly Swedish publishers Coffee Stain. And now we have a new, astung trailer, which reveals that the game debuts in early access via Steam in two weeks, Tuesday 2 February. Iron Gate predicts that […]

Windows Products

8,402 Reviews Scanned Trending in Software Our Promise to You We receive a lot of questions about what products we recommend, especially the products on this page. Questions like: What are the best Windows Products to buy? What are the best Windows Products at Amazon, Walmart or ebay? or even What are the most affordable (most budget […]

The shack hype continues on Twitch – soon time for a new championship

When the professional chess player Hikaru Nakamura started playing and teaching his sport to some of the biggest names on the streaming site Twitch, the interest in the sport increased enormously. Already in June was arranged the first tournament for streamers, youtubers and other celebrities from the chess website The tournament was renamed Pogchamps […]

The creators of the Skyrim mod Enderal go on to a commercial project

In the summer of 2016, it was released massive, ambitious and free of charge The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim-modden Enderal: The Shards of Order in English language edition via Steam. The expansion Forgotten Stories followed in early 2019, and now the German developers Sure AI have released the very last update of the project. You […]

Apple’s new initiative is about countering systematic racism

Update (2021-01-13): On Wednesday, Apple presented the Racial Equity and Justice Initiative, a new initiative that is about counteracting systematic racism. In total, this is a $ 100 million investment, with a quarter of the money going to the Propel Center, which can be described as an innovation hub for African-American students. In addition, the […]

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is this week’s free game on the Epic Games Store

Star Wars has been in the spotlight this past week, first with the resurrection of Lucasfilm Games, then with the news of Massive Entertainment’s upcoming Star Wars adventure. And now, as if to close the circle, have the Dice shooter Star Wars Battlefront 2 has become free to pick up via the Epic Games Store! […]

Swedish Earin launches slimmed true wireless plugs

Malmö-based Earin today launches the new true wireless handset A-3. Inside are self-developed speaker elements that, according to their own statements, pump through 20 percent more air than the competition. By letting more air through, the base becomes deeper. Unlike other true wireless, the A-3 lacks that protruding pin, where the microphone is usually located. […]

The Elder Scrolls Online: Gates of Oblivion stream moved one week

Bethesda and Zenimax Online Studios announce that the planned unveiling stream scheduled for January 21 will now be moved to January 26. This is due to the prevailing political conditions in the United States and the conspiracy of Biden. Time and place remain the same, 23:00 on Bethesda’s channel on Twitch. January 26. The broadcast […]

The Harry Potter game Hogwarts Legacy is delayed until 2022

In September was presented Hogwarts Legacy, the long-rumored and seemingly bizarre Harry Potter game Disney Infinitystudio Avalanache Software, Warner Bros., Portkey Games and Wizarding World. The launch was planned for 2021, but now the game has already slipped on to 2022. The reasons behind what happened are beyond frugal, and in the tweet below you […]

Cyberpunk 2077 receives a roadmap and a confirmation from CD Projekt

An important message from CD Projekt. Marcin Iwiński, co-founder of CD Projekt, spoke last night regarding the release of Cyberpunk 2077. His explanation confirms the suspicions that the management made the decision to release the game despite its permission. And as he says, we should not criticize the developers who put their time and talent […]

Then there will be the Exynos 2100 processor in the Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung unveiled its new processor Exynos 2100 on Tuesday. The processor is expected to first appear in the company’s new flagship mobile Samsung Galaxy S21 which will be shown on Thursday 14 January. According to Samsung itself, the new processor is 33 percent stronger for multi-core processors and 19 percent stronger for single-core processors compared […]

After over six years of development, Lords of the Fallen 2 has finally got a logo

In 2018, we found out that Lords of The Fallen 2 had changed developers, from the original creator Deck 13. to New York-based and relatively new Defiant Studios. However, the publishers CI Games ended the collaboration in May 2019, and in the autumn, the development was moved to Hexworks, an internal CI Games studio. And […]

Something nasty is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online – do not miss next week’s broadcast

Here we go again! The escalation to the next big adventure in The Elder Scrolls Online is up and running and on Thursday next week the developer Zenimax Online Studios will reveal what they are cooking together for 2021 and their online role-playing game. You can watch the broadcast live on January 21 on Twitch […]

CES: JBL launches new series of headphones and a sound locker

The headphones in the Tour series are designed for work contexts and have a lot of smart features. Tour One is a pair of noise-reducing over-ear headphones while JBL Tour Pro Plus is a pair of true wireless. Both models have adaptive noise reduction, something called “adaptive ambient aware”, a function that adapts noise reduction […]

Outriders are delayed until April 1, but the demo comes in February

2021 is here, which means that the eternal game delays are a thing of the past, as developers have had plenty of time to adapt to the now fairly everyday “work from home” reality. Or? Apparently not, then People Can Fly’s and Square Enix pilot shooters Outriders has now been delayed. Again! In October slipped […]

Apple invites to AGM – reveals concerns over competition investigations

Anyone who has owned shares in Apple since no later than 28 December can now register for this year’s Annual General Meeting, which this year will be held virtually on 23 February. In the invitation, Apple urges all shareholders to pre-register their votes so that they are guaranteed to be counted. At the same time, […]

Nine: Automata’s “last secret” has been found

Platinum Games Kidney: Automata is a modern and multi-million-selling masterpiece, which the undersigned rewarded with as much as 92 percent in our review from spring 2017. However, getting through the glory is something of a project that not everyone has the time or energy with, as three separate rounds are minimum. That’s exactly why it’s […]

She will be the next person to join Apple’s board

Apple announced on Tuesday that Monica Lozano, CEO and head of the College Futures Foundation, has been elected to the company’s board. “Lozano brings with him his broad knowledge of leadership from both the public and private sectors, as well as a long background in the fight for equality, opportunity and representation,” Apple itself wrote […]

New Apple policy caused Telia to completely turn around a moisture-damaged Iphone

This summer, Linda happened to drop her Iphone XS Max on the hill. The screen was smashed, but thanks to her insurance policy with Telia, she received a factory-refurbished replacement phone – also an Iphone XS Max – from the operator. The factory-refurbished unit has been “reused in the service flow in line with Telia’s […]

The winners of the Steam Awards 2020 have been announced

During Steam’s winter sale (began on December 22 and ends tomorrow, Tuesday, January 5), Steam users have been able to vote for this year’s Steam Awards, divided into ten manageable categories presented at the end of November (in connection with the autumn sale). And now the 2020 winner has exposed! Funny enough was chosen Red […]

The Suikoden creator would “more than happy” return to the series

In September became Eiyuden Chronicle the third most successful Kickstarter game ever (second only) Shenmue 3 and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night). Stands for development Suikodencreator Yoshitaka Murayama, who has now said he would “be more than happy” to return to the series that made him famous. – Suikoden was a game that I was […]

Some Airpods Max users suffered from condensation in the headphones

On twitter, a number of users have testified that condensation occurs in the Airpods Max and in some cases have leaked into the elements themselves, reports 9 to 5 Mac. After that, at least one user has discovered that the headphones are difficult to detect if the headphones are on the user. Another user should […]

The Binding of Isaac: Repentance has a new launch date and trailer

2020 did not turn out quite as most of us had thought. Edmund McMillen also ran into trouble when the California fires forced him and his family to sell their home, which combined with programmer James Id’s depression led to delays in the planned The Legend of Bom-Bo-dlc: t. Also The Binding of Isaac: Repentance […]

Five years after its launch, Stardew Valley is more popular than ever

Just before Christmas Eve, the long-awaited 1.5 update to the multi-million-selling farmer simulator was released Stardew Valley. And now it has been revealed that the game, which was originally released in February 2016, is more popular than ever, as it broke personal Steam records earlier this week. Steamdb tells namely that almost 90,000 contemporaries played […]

Epic continues to give away games next year, Jurassic World Evolution is free now

The Epic Store’s fifteenth free game in fifteen days is here, and you can therefore pick up Frontier’s dinosaur park builders Jurassic World Evolution (review) right now. And until next week, it has turned out, as the regular, weekly roller coaster continues next year, with new regular free games. Epic Games has confirmed that Alt […]

The Epic Games launcher is stressing processors, hotfix is ​​out now

For the past few weeks, the Epic Games Store has been giving away new free games every day (right now) Torchlight 2 which applies) so you have probably logged in via the Epic Games launcher quite often. And if you have done so, you may have noticed that your processor has been hotter than normal, […]

This year’s honorable mention 2020: Final Fantasy VII Remake

As usual, the nomination of this year’s game is a topic of discussion at the editorial office. Although this year’s coordination did not degenerate into verbal battles, I got a rap on my fingers when I pressed to Final Fantasy VII Remake would be this year’s game. The compromise was this year’s honorable mention. Let […]

The man behind Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls is leaving Sony

Sony has lost several big names behind famous titles recently and it seems to continue with the man behind, among others, Bloodborne. Teruyuki Toriyama, producer of Bloodborne and the remake of Demon’s Souls released on Playstation 5, now announces that he is choosing to leave Sony Playstation to start his own studio and work on […]

Expansion of the year 2020: Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Within this category, it was quite difficult, at least for the undersigned, to weigh expansions against each other. World of Warcraft and its long-awaited Shadowlands finally landed after some delays and took players on new adventures in the completely unexplored shadow land. Greymoor to The Elder Scrolls Online was also a hot candidate who gave […]