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Yakuza characters will be skins in Rainbow Six: Siege for some reason

subscribe to push square on Youtube The famous Yakuza faces Kazuma Kiryu and Kaoru Sayama will be released as skins for two Operators in Rainbow Six: Siege starting Tuesday, May 24, 2022. The first will be a skin for Echo, while the second will apply to Hibana. both Japanese. At the end of the announcement […]

Which of these Xbox 360 Limited Edition consoles is your favorite? – Discussion point

Subscribe to Pure Xbox On YouTube Last week, YouTuber Modern vintage gamer decided to take a look at their esteemed Xbox 360 console collection, and there are some real beauties in there. From the Gears of War 3 Crimson Omen console to the Halo 4 Forerunner themed system, we were quickly reminded of how good […]

Hideo Kojima Seems to Acknowledge Norman Reedus’ Death Stranding 2 Leak

Norman Reedus seemed to confirm nonchalantly. death stranding 2 this week. In an interview, The Walking Dead star revealed that work had “just begun” on the Death Stranding sequel, before reiterating the point a second time. The series, developed by Kojima Productions, is directed by author Hideo Kojima, who seemed to acknowledge the comments in […]

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Glutton’s Gamble is now available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

It takes a strong stomach to face the monster in Vesper’s second Mirror of Mystery, now available in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands† Trouble brews when Imelda, the Sand Witch, unleashes her latest culinary creation – a potion that gives her a voracious appetite (and terrifying power). To disrupt her devious dinner party, you’ll need to retrace […]

EA bought by Amazon, Disney or Apple? The editor would be hot

The buyout craze never ends. A new rumor claims that EA is actively seeking an acquisition and is looking to tech and entertainment giants for it. Rumors around takeovers never cease to surprise us. After Microsoft got its hands on Activision-Blizzard or even Bethesda, the craziest rumors appeared. For example, there was talk of Sony […]

The Body Bugs Are Coming For You – Free On Xbox Today

The team at Redstart Interactive recently launched two new games: grapple-heavy platformer Get-A-Grip chip and its edutainment successor Get-A-Grip Chip and the Body Bugson Xbox One X|S and Xbox Series X|S. Double the fun by getting both games: explore Roboco Mfg first. and save Chip’s robotic friends from impending doom by making your way through […]

120FPS support returns to Warzone on Xbox Series X|S next week

Many months ago, around the time Warzone got its WW2 makeover, 120fps support was suddenly dropped on Xbox Series X|S. At the time, the developer said it was a backend Xbox issue when Microsoft released a software update. Well, improved performance is finally coming back next week. As Warzone moves into Season 3 Reloaded, developer […]

Oneplus releases Nord-nytt: Two mobiles and a pair of headphones

From being a cocky flagship challenger on the mobile front, Oneplus has broadened the range considerably in recent years. The company’s Nord mobiles have supplemented the offer with different levels of price pressure, and really mixed and matched when it comes to the final ratings. Just two months ago, for example, we were able to […]

Random: Original Ugly Movie Model Sonic Is Going To Star In A Movie After All

As it turned out, the Sonic the Hedgehog the movies turned out pretty well. Both are fun and fan-pleasing adventures that have done big numbers at the box office. However, there was a time before the release of the first film when things weren’t looking good. Remember the monstrosity in the photo above? Thank goodness […]

God of War Ragnarök Accessibility Features Revealed

The Ragnarök Prophecy brings changes to all Realms and with that we are pleased to announce some new accessibility features coming to God of War Ragnarök. Not only have we redesigned our user interface to allow for greater flexibility and readability, but We’ve also rebuilt controller remapping from the ground up and added more customization […]

Xbox Celebrates the Gaming and Disability Community for Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) is a great time to showcase the importance of digital access and inclusion and to celebrate the more than 400 million players with disabilities who play and create around the world. Today I’d like to share some of the work Team Xbox has done in partnership with the disabled community […]

Puzzle-adventure game A Monster’s Expedition hits PS5 and PS4 today

Hello PlayStation Blog readers! We are delighted to bring you the news that A Monster’s Expedition, the award-winning open-world puzzle game, is available today for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. In A Monster’s Expedition, you play the role of the titular Monster, exploring an archipelago museum. He fells trees and solves puzzles to move from […]

Thomas Haden Church and Stephanie Beatriz Join Anthony Mackie on Twisted Metal TV Show

The cast of Peacock’s upcoming action-comedy adaptation of Twisted Metal is developing, which means it’s in full throttle for Sony’s flagship car-combat series. Over the weekend it was confirmed that brooklyn nine nine star Stephanie Beatriz would play a car thief named Quietand now Oscar nominee Thomas Haden Church has been cast as Agent Stonea […]

E-screen monitors – more exciting than a foldable Iphone

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple is investigating e-ink screens for future foldable iPhones. Now it is the case that Apple certainly tests lots of different solutions, most of which never cross the finish line to become real products. But as a long-time admirer of e-ink screens as a technology, I get excited about the […]

Steve Jackson Games’ Ogre Coming to PS4 and PS5 Today

The official adaptation of Steve Jackson Games’ legendary multi-award winning war game, Ogre, is now available on PlayStation. Filled with mechanized warfare, this turn-based strategy game requires plenty of tactical options and even more calculated thinking. Based on the original board game created in 1977, this game will transport you to another time. play the […]

The Harry Potter game for PS5 and PS4, Hogwarts Legacy, already has official ASMR

subscribe to push square on Youtube Whether you’re a subscriber to Fred’s voice or think the rise of ASMR is a little weird, this Hogwarts Legacy video is probably something we can all get behind. The 20-minute video focuses on slow panning shots of the upcoming PS5 and PS4 open world of Avalanche, showcasing the […]


17,686 Reviews Scanned Trending in Software Our Promise to You We receive a lot of questions about what products we recommend, especially the products on this page. Questions like: What are the best Kindles to buy? What are the best Kindles at Amazon, Walmart or ebay? or even What are the most affordable (most budget friendly, cheapest […]

Now Tesla’s Superchargers are opening for other electric cars – see where you can charge

Tesla writes now that their pilot project to make Tesla Supercharger chargers available to manufacturers other than Tesla is now expanding to Sweden. Through the Tesla app (version 4.2.3 or later), electric car drivers who do not drive Tesla can find which stations are available. Tesla drivers can of course charge at the stations as […]

Check out May EA Play Member Rewards for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Members

May continues to rain in new content for EA Play Members† Whether players enter the field FIFA 22 in their Inter Milan “Made in Milano” attire or dressing up with the Close Shave Weapon Charm in battlefield 2042, there are new rewards for all kinds of gamers. All the great content coming to EA Play […]

How the developers of Roller Champions invented a new spectator sport

Roller Champions is coming to PS4 (and PS5 via backwards compatibility) on May 25, offering fast-paced, competitive, free-to-play matches where you can claim glory from the legend of the sport. Its skate arena action is based on three simple rules: catch the ball, go around keeping it in your team’s possession, and score. To better […]

Next-Gen RPG Steelrising Gets Story Trailer Ahead of Xbox Series X|S Launch

Subscribe to Pure Xbox On YouTube Developer Spiders Games is a bit busy today, huh? After the unveiling of a sequel to GreedVal previously, the team has now released a new story trailer for Steel Risingand this one looks pretty impressive. Set amid The Revolution in Paris, Steelrising is a next-generation RPG, and the visuals […]

Indie Live Expo 2022: Watch the Global Live Streaming Event on May 21 and 22

Join us this weekend at the next Indie Live Expo, where we’ll showcase a host of indie games for fans around the world. You can watch the livestream on May 21 and 22 on two shows, simulcast in English, Japanese and Chinese on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and other platforms to be announced. To celebrate the […]

Arma Reforger (Game Preview) Now Available for Xbox Series X|S

Summary Arma Reforger is available today for Xbox Series X|S as a Game Preview title! For the first time, console players will have the chance to dive into the Arma universe. Experience the multiplayer battles in Conflict and get creative with Game Master scenario creation. Immerse yourself in realistic combat gameplay and the expansive terrain […]

Dead by Daylight Teases Resident Evil, Attack on Titan Crossovers

subscribe to thrust square on Youtube Asymmetrical horror Dead by Daylight is going from strength to strength, and Canadian developer Behavior Interactive was kind enough to give us a glimpse of its future, including arguably its most repulsive Killer yet, The Dredge. This will be flanked by all sorts of crossovers, including attack on titan […]

Even Halo’s co-creator isn’t sure where the show’s “inspiration” comes from…

Image: Adrienne Szabo/Paramount+ Paramount’s live action Halo The show has had all kinds of ups and downs in its first season, but last week’s episode pushed many fans over the edge after a raunchy scene between Master Chief and the character Makee. If you’ve questioned the script, you’re not alone. Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto has […]

Three games are available today with Xbox Game Pass (May 17)

It’s Game Pass Day! Microsoft has yet to officially announce the next batch of games for May 2022, but we’ve already been treated to three separate announcements for May 17, including a very pleasant surprise! Yes, the recently released Jurassic World Evolution 2 is available today with Xbox Game Pass, accompanied by two brand new […]

Fall Guys is coming to PS5, it’s free for everyone, gets new modes and more

That’s right, Fall Guys will be free-for-all and cross-play starting June 21, with a new PS5 version that enhances the bean-stumbling action. But before we delve into what’s new, let’s take a look at where we started… Can you believe we released Fall Guys in August 2020? A lot has happened in those two years, […]

So apparently Sony demanded price changes for Salt and Sacrifice on other platforms.

ooft! The bad press keeps coming, and while we can understand this if we squint, Sony will be guilty in the important court of public opinion. According to a report from tech raptorthe price of Salt and Sacrifice indie Souls-like has increased significantly on the Epic Games Store in several different countries, and all because […]

Rumor: Gears Of War ‘Collection’ Could Come To Xbox This Year

Back in January, the folks at XboxEra said another Xbox franchise might get the Master Chief Collection treatment in 2022 or 2023, and their latest podcast seems to suggest that it is for the . is Weapons of War series. Journalist Shpeshal_Nick said on the podcast this week that he “believed that” [a collection] coming […]

New Contenders Enter Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl on PS5, PS4

subscribe to thrust square on Youtube Between the likes of Multiversus and LEGO Brawls, it seems that publishers are beginning to gain confidence in taking on the Super Smash Bros formula again. Of course, the results are always mixed, but Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl was popular enough to warrant the DLC, and here’s your first taste […]

Rumor: Sony Showcase could be scheduled for the first week of June

Image: push square To update: It wouldn’t be a video game rumor without clarification, would it? Since then, Jeff Grubb has dedicated himself to Twitter to expand on his comments, explaining that he’s also heard rumors that there won’t be a Sony showcase until at least September: I’ve also heard that nothing will happen until […]

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Definitive Edition defies naming logic in surprise rating

You have heard of Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate. You’ve heard of Definitive Editions. But have you heard of Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Definitive Edition? No, this isn’t some kind of meme, it’s a real name that just got rated in Australia (as spotted by Gematsu). Why? we don’t know Warriors Orochi 3 isn’t even the […]

WH-1000XM5: This is Sony’s new flagship headphones

There is no doubt that Sony is one of the very best manufacturers of noise-canceling over-ear headphones. Their products in the WH1000X series are usually rewarded with top marks for both good sound quality and effective noise reduction. Now the long-awaited sequel is released WH-1000XM5with news both inside and out. The design – something we […]

a TV series and a Nintendo Switch version for the remaster

Remedy Entertainment is concocting a nomadic Nintendo Switch version of Alan Wake Remastered. A big television channel has also acquired the rights for a series adaptation. 12 years have already passed since the release of Alan Wake on Xbox 360. A special anniversary, with the announcement of the long-awaited sequel the same year, which Remedy […]

PS Plus could be about to land in the Bloober Team catalog

AN document dating from April 18, 2022 suggests select games from the Bloober Team catalog could be coming PSPlus in the future. The paperwork, which describes a “significant licensing and distribution agreement with Sony Interactive Entertainment,” alludes to “select” Bloober Team titles that will be made available as part of a “new distribution system.” that […]

‘Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’ is supposedly the sequel to Fallen Order

We’ve known for a while that developer Respawn is making a sequel to 2019’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. So far, though, we haven’t really been in the mood to mention it. Everyone’s favorite leaker Jeff Grubb has supposedly revealed the name of the sequel, almost by accident. Towards the end of a recent episode […]

No in the Riksdag – controversial “snooker sites” are not limited

Ratsit, Mr Koll and Lexbase are three examples of search services that today – conveniently and smoothly – allow us to sniff out far more than phone numbers and addresses when we search for private individuals online. Salaries, payment remarks and not least the presence in criminal cases are among the information that is a […]

Deathloop update includes new accessibility options, photo mode and more

Deathloop’s third major update is now available on PlayStation 5! Game Update 3 introduces a new Photo Mode, additional accessibility options, unique PlayStation 5 avatars and more, all for free. Read on for Photo Mode highlights and new accessibility options, with insights from members of the Arkane Lyon team. photo mode Express yourself with a […]