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This was the worst in 2021 – the editors appoint this year’s flops

Mikael Lindkvist: “Poor translation and the industry’s worst search algorithm” This year’s flop is still Amazon Sweden. Lots of cool stuff, but lousy translation and the industry’s worst search algorithm make the site both confusing and frustrating. Billy Ekblom: “Oneplus Watch does not reach the same heights as the company’s phones” Not bad, though Oneplus […]

Apple boss in in-depth interview about Airpods and bluetooth audio

If you are interested in sound and Apple, the British audio magazine What Hifi has an interesting one interview with Gary Geaves, who holds the title of Vice President of Acoustics at Apple. He bases the development of sound in headphones like Airpods, speakers like Homepod and also technologies like spatial sound. Eric Treski from […]

Producer accuses Yuji Naka of killing Dreamcast exclusive

If the name of the sparkling Yuji Naka is usually associated with Sonic, Phantasy Star or Billy Hatcher, former developers working on the Dreamcast have quite another memory, much more bitter. In 1998, SEGA could still sell dreams, and promise wonders for its future Dreamcast. Among the titles unveiled at E3 1998 was in particular […]

TurboTax Products

6,429 Reviews Scanned Trending in Software Our Promise to You We receive a lot of questions about what products we recommend, especially the products on this page. Questions like: What are the best TurboTax Products to buy? What are the best TurboTax Products at Amazon, Walmart or ebay? or even What are the most affordable (most budget […]

Inhuman treatment of employees at Iphone factory in India

Update (2021-12-30): Following the announcement that one of Foxconn’s factories in India is being placed under “protective supervision” by Apple, a number of worrying details have emerged about the conditions for the employees. According to a report from the news agency Reuters employees in the state of Tamil Nadu have lived in overcrowded premises without […]

The song of Sonic Adventure 2 covered by the singer of Persona 5

SEGA continues to celebrate 30 years of Sonic the Hedgehog in music, and unveils the improbable crossover between the universe of Sonic Adventure 2 and the timbre of the delicious Lyn. The thirtieth anniversary of Sonic will be in music or not: after unveiling the main lines of Sonic Frontiers at the Game Awards 2021, […]

Norton Products

17,464 Reviews Scanned Trending in Software Our Promise to You We receive a lot of questions about what products we recommend, especially the products on this page. Questions like: What are the best Norton Products to buy? What are the best Norton Products at Amazon, Walmart or ebay? or even What are the most affordable (most budget […]

The Netherlands demands that Apple open up for dating apps to use alternative payment systems

Apple’s monopoly in the market for iOS apps has begun to be attacked from several quarters, not least authorities in different countries. Last out is the Dutch competition authority ACM as on Christmas Eve published an order that forces Apple to change certain rules for a certain app category: dating apps. ACM has stuck to […]

Square Enix offers animated backgrounds for … meetings

While the fourteenth episode continues to occupy all the light, Final Fantasy XI reminds us that it is still moving, and invites itself in our time so singular. Despite the phenomenal success of Final Fantasy XIV and its latest chapter, Endwalker, the massively multiplayer role-playing game that has delighted many players for almost two decades […]

TheA500 Mini has a release date and finishes unveiling its FULL line-up!

Here is a piece of information of the utmost importance, which had gone somewhat unnoticed by US. Here is the bad repaired, if I can put it this way … Retro Games has announced that the THEA500 Mini, a completely reimagined official version of the Amiga computer, is now entering production and is scheduled for […]

Analysis shows: Five percent toxic comments on social media

A new analysis of the Swedish Defense Research Agency, FOI, shows that approximately five percent of the comments on Swedish-language social media contain toxic language. The survey was commissioned by the government, which wanted FOI to analyze threats and hatred against women in Swedish digital environments. This led to two different studies where one looks […]

Life is Strange True Colors is now available digitally on Nintendo Switch

SQUARE ENIX, Ltd. recently released its Life is Strange True Colors, the latest installment of the eponymous license, in digital format on Nintendo Switch. The game will also be available in physical format on February 25, 2022. Indeed, the Nintendo Switch edition of LIFE IS STRANGE: TRUE COLORS has been optimized for the platform and […]

Tasks: Pictures leaked on Galaxy S22 – can get pen from the Note series

Latest update: “Much better camera” According to the usually reliable leak Ice Universe the upcoming flagship Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a 108 megapixel sensor that will be able to take better macro photos with the help of AI. This should result in better details, colors and light. According to Ice Universe, he himself […]

Micromania pinned in France for “deceptive marketing practices”

Any player who has ever purchased a game from a Micromania store has certainly been offered a paid warranty extension. It turns out, however, that the French reseller, a subsidiary of GameStop, was playing with French regulations in terms of guarantees and consumer rights. And he has just been seriously slapped on the fingers by […]

Here are Nio’s new technology-packed Model 3 challengers

During its Nio Day on December 18, the hyped Tesla challenger and Chinese carmaker Nio unveiled a new technology-packed mid-range sedan, called the ET5. The model is packed with new technology, including a 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos surround sound system and light strips that can handle 256 colors. The car also comes with scar glasses, developed […]

Tasks: Apple may release two new screens – and one with an Apple chip

For those who want a screen from Apple, there may soon be more options than the crazy expensive Pro Display XDR to choose from. As early as January this year, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claimed that Apple is developing a new screen that is more targeted at consumers, and which will have a lower maximum brightness […]

It creates “PSOne style” boxed versions of PS5 and PS4 games

While video games are currently in a phase of accelerated dematerialization, players attached to physical media are resisting. And while it may seem odd to outside spectators, some players have a deep nostalgia for specific packaging. Proof of this is that a player offers the most motivated to give a retro touch to their collections […]

Article: What new technology are online casinos using today?

The technology has developed enormously in recent years and thanks to it, many technologies have begun to be used in online entertainment. In this post, we thought we would take a look at the kind of technology that online casinos use today. Payment with cryptocurrencies Many online casinos have turned to blockchain technology to offer […]

SEGA announces Astro City Mini V with vertical screen and new games

In July 2020, SEGA announced in Japan the marketing of the Astro City Mini, a small terminal bringing together several dozen of its Arcade classics. When the machine was announced, it was possible to imagine that it would be the only one of this type offered by SEGA. Still, Sonic’s house had other ideas behind […]

The Swedish CS: GO stars’ “skins” are auctioned off for charity

For the first time in Sweden, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins will be participating in the auction Skins for Charity. With eight of Sweden’s largest profiles in the game and some of these players’ most talked about decorations, the auction amounts are expected to reach high numbers. All to help sick children and their families stay […]

Over 1000 games on sale, with end-of-year festive offers!

Nintendo has given everything to offer players these festive end-of-year offers, quite colossal. Keep an eye on the eShop because the games in promotion will necessarily delight all types of gamer! Indeed, on the occasion of Festive offers, no less than 1000 games Nintendo Switch will benefit from discounts up to -75 %. These offers […]

Who do you actually e-shop from? Warning finger raised for dropshipping

The Swedish Consumer Agency warns now for the risks of drop shipping. Dropshipping is a business model where the manufacturer sends goods directly to the end customer on behalf of the seller. The seller thus does not function as a regular reseller but more as a broker who does not touch the goods or have […]

Syberia The World Before will be released in the first quarter of 2022

A few days ago, before the Game Awards ceremony, Microids announced that Syberia The World Before would be postponed to 2022. Still some tweaking in sight. Syberia The World Before (The World Before) is therefore now scheduled for 2022, without further clarification. This is indeed what Microids announced a few days ago. Remember that the […]

He finishes the game with a knife and rock band drums

For years, players have liked to impose challenges all more eccentric, and arduous, the ones than the others. Ready 2 Rumble Boxing player with the Dreamcast fishing rod, finishing Halo on Guitar Hero’s guitar or even finishing Super Mario Odyssey without jumping are just some of the performances achieved in recent generations of consoles. And […]

Most searched on Google 2021: This is how the Swedes searched

In early December summarize Google annually the search trends worldwide. Anyone who is interested can go down on country level, and in 2021 it was the European Football Championship that won “the most trending search” in our country. On the “how” question, most people wanted to know how many had been vaccinated and “what” was […]

Amazon Prime is now in Sweden – here is everything you need to know

When e-commerce giant Amazon bought into Airmee, it was only a matter of time before Prime was launched. Now the service is here and this is what it means: What is Amazon Prime? Amazon Prime is a monthly subscription that covers a variety of services from Amazon. Also read: Best movies and series you can […]

The first trailer for the live action series is here

The Game Awards ceremony is a real melting pot of everything directly and indirectly related to video games. Besides game announcements and trailers of titles already announced, other projects more or less related to video games are also shown during the event. During the 2021 edition, spectators were treated, for example, to a movie trailer […]

A free trial for everyone offered for a few days

Services are now at the heart of the priorities of game publishers and console manufacturers. Nintendo Switch Online therefore represents an increasingly important stake in Nintendo’s strategy. The Kyoto firm does not hesitate to point out this when presenting its financial results. The Japanese giant logically wishes to attract more and more subscribers. And to […]

Secret emails show: Microsoft wanted to become an App Store friend with Apple

Apple has taken a stern stance towards streaming services for games and unlike film, TV, music and radio, games that are streamed are not welcome on the App Store. Microsoft has today released its Xbox Cloud Gaming service via web browser to reach iOS users, but email exchanges between the two companies show how far […]

Klarna releases browser extension – Sweden has to wait

The Swedish bank and payment intermediary Klarna is growing so fast and is used by many online stores around the world. Now the company is launching one browser extensions which makes it possible to buy anything in installments without the store having to support Klarna. The new addition has been added through Klarna’s acquisition of […]