Ring’s new invention: A camera that flies around your home

Ring, which is owned by Amazon, has now unveiled its new security camera, Always Home Cam. The camera is in the form of a smaller drone that is intended to fly around your home so you can check all rooms even when you are not at home, reports The Verge.

The drone can, for example, be connected to Ring’s alarm so that if someone breaks into your home, the drone can be activated, look for it and film the burglar. It can also be used for things like checking if the stove was forgotten or if a window was left open.

The user programs a flight route for the various rooms in the home, after which the drone can follow it. It also has technology to avoid flying into things and its propellers are hidden to prevent anyone or anything from being harmed by them. When the flight is over, the drone then returns to its station to charge the battery.

The camera on board only records when the drone is flying and not when it is at its station. The drone is also so loud that it should be obvious when it is activated.

Always Home Cam will be released next year and costs 249.99 dollars, corresponding to approximately 2,270 kronor excluding local supplements such as Swedish VAT.

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