Roam: This is how Sonos’ new smallest speaker will be

In the fall of 2019, the speaker manufacturer Sonos got out of the home with it flexible smart speaker Move. Now it’s time for an even more versatile solution when the range’s new smallest – Roam – sees the light of day. With its small format and a weight of a meager 430 grams (Move weighed 3 kilos), the new speaker is more suitable to be taken outside the home. The speaker is IP67 rated for protection against dust and water.

Compared to previous Sonos speakers, Roam has a completely different design. The speaker has an elongated tube shape with rounded triangular corners and concave ends so that you do not accidentally press any of the physical (!) Buttons unnecessarily. Roam is intended to be easily packed in a backpack or similar, unlike the considerably more clumsy Move which had a handle for the purpose.

Roam is equipped with two class H amplifiers, a tweeter and a specially designed Racetrack mid-woofer which, according to the manufacturer, will provide extra true-to-life sound in the midrange, but also optimize the sound at lower frequencies.

Stream music your way

Furthermore, Roam, like its big siblings, is equipped with a variety of wireless technologies and voice assistants. There is support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, streaming via Airplay 2 as well as wifi and bluetooth. Trueplay, Sonos’ technology for adapting sound to the environment, is also on board, and works over both wifi and bluetooth connectivity. The new Sonos Swap feature moves music from Roam to another Sonos speaker at the touch of a button.

Sonos Roam
The top of the Sonos Roam is concave and has physical buttons instead of touch

Roam is intended to be seamlessly integrated into existing Sonos systems. During a press event, the Sonos people pressed hard that the new speaker is a perfect “gateway” to a full-fledged Sonos ecosystem for those who have not had a chance to test before. There is also gossip about the modest (measured by Sonos measurements) price tag of SEK 2,000.

Roam should offer up to ten hours of active battery life, and in sleep mode it amounts to ten days. The speaker can be charged via a magnetic base station that is sold separately, via any qi charger or in the old fashioned way with a usb-c cable.

Sonos Roam is released in black and white, goes on sale on April 20 and costs SEK 2,000. We have requested a test copy, which is why you can expect an M3 rating in the relatively near future.