Roccat releases Syn Pro Air with 3D sound

Roccat has now launched a couple of new wireless headsets which, among other things, are equipped with 3D sound and several other smart functions.

Syn Pro Air is a wireless headset with elements of as much as 50 millimeters and thanks to these they can handle, among other things, 3D sound. Syn Pro Air also has support for “Superhuman Hearing” which, among other things, will make it easier to hear from which direction things are happening in games, the location will be easier.

The battery life should be 24 hours according to Roccat, but once you need to charge Syn Pro Air, you can charge 15 minutes via fast charging and get five hours of use.

Roccat Syn Pro Air

Syn Pro Air is a slimmer and stylish headset where Roccat has worked hard not to make it too clumsy and heavy. Roccat plans to start selling Syn Pro Air on June 20 and the price tag is around SEK 1,600.