Rogue Legacy 2 has received a major update, including the new character class gunslinger

This summer, the new roguelite platformer was launched Rogue Legacy 2 in early access via Steam and Epic Games Store. And now the game has received a new update called Arcane Hallows, which the developers say is nutritious enough to Rogue Legacy 2 should now be considered larger than its predecessor.

Below you see a new video that goes through the news in the Arcane Hallows update. The biggest news is the brand new character class gunslinger (remember to charge your guns!), Along with the new region Stygian Study and the returning character class assassin. Even the architect, who lets you nail the structure of the randomly generated levels from previous attempts in exchange for money, makes an acclaimed return.

Here is the video review of the new one Rogue Legacy 2the update.