Saints Row: Tour of Santo Ileso

Stubborn fans of Saints Row-the series are probably already well understood and overjoyed and / or damned that the next part of the now fifteen year old franchise will be a reboot. The rest of us can instead look into the trailer in the case that was released a few days ago. A significant change is the move from pretend-Detroit and pretend New York, to the new pretend city of Santo Ileso in the southwestern United States. Four friends arrive there to become career thugs and professional criminals, but have to fight for dominance with stereotypical corporate cowboys, stereotypical muscle car gangsters and stereotypical hacking anarchists. Gameplay may, as far as one can imagine, be described as a return to the roots compared to the increasingly sophisticated solutions that have appeared in more recent parts of the series.
Previously, developers and publishers have expressed themselves hovering regarding release dates, but the last bid is February 25, 2022.

While waiting for this, there are various bundles and collector’s editions to pre – order for the hugged speculator. Some are limited and others limited in time, so it’s best to stay ahead. The game is reportedly released for Xbox One and X | S, PlayStation 4 and 5 and PC via Epic