Samsung has introduced the new Smart Monitor series

Samsung has now unveiled two new screens that are not only a computer screen now but also have some features like a TV.

The Smart Monitor series now comes with two screens which are Smart Monitor M5 and M7. What differs between the M5 and M7 is not entirely unexpected the size where the M5 comes in 27 or 32 inches full HD while the M7 only comes in 32 inches and offers UHD resolution.

What makes these two screens a bit unique is that they are equipped with Tizen and thus get the smart TV functions that we otherwise see with Samsung TV. Both models also have built-in Wifi, Bluetooth and Wireless DeX.

If you are an Apple user, the screens will also support Airplay 2s to make it easier to share photos and video from an Apple gadget.

The Smart Monitor series will go on sale in early 2021, both monitors are already available for purchase in the US and the price tag is $ 230 for the 27-inch M5, $ 280 for the 32-inch M5 and $ 400 for the M7.