Samsung is working on a 200 megapixel sensor

Samsung camera sensor 200MP

Samsung wants to push in as many megapixels as possible in our phones, 200 megapixels looks to be the next step.

We know today that having a lot of megapixels does not always result in us taking better or better pictures. But this does not seem to be something Samsung cares about as they now have presented a camera sensor of as much as 200 megapixels.

This sensor will be included in the Isocell series and is called HP1, which will therefore offer a full 200 megapixels. But what Samsung plans to do with HP1 is that when you take a picture merge 16 pixels into one pixel which in turn will give us images with 12.5 MP resolution. The advantage of so many pixels is that the sensor will most likely be really good at shooting in low light.

In addition to HP1, Samsung has also presented the GN5 which is 50 megapixels and offers Dual Pixel Pro which makes the autofocus really fast and very good.

Samsung does not currently know when these sensors will be equipped in their phones, but as it looks now, this will happen in 2022.