Samsung launches new 110-inch micro-LED TV

Micro-joints are predicted to be the next big technological leap in monitors, with all the advantages of oled without any of the disadvantages. Extreme contrast conditions, wide color range but without burn-in effects and with lower power consumption.

So far, the technology has not really reached the name: Samsung has released several large TVs with micro-joints but one was 146 inches and is called “The Wall” and another was admittedly only 75 inches large but consisted of several panels which must be put together and of course have small joints.

Now the company has made progress in production and is therefore launching a new 110-inch TV in a more normal format, which can be taken home and installed by ordinary consumers, writes Engadget.

The new TV has LEDs whose size is measured in micrometers. It has 4k resolution and can of course display hdr content. It can display 100 percent of both the dci-p3 and Adobe rgb color spaces. Up to four different image sources can be displayed simultaneously in each 55-inch quadrant, and built-in 5.1 surround sound.

Unlike an OLED TV, the micro-LED should not risk burning still images and the TV can therefore be useful, for example, for presentations.

Samsung has started receiving advance bookings in its home country of South Korea, and it is unknown if and when it can be launched in other markets.