Samsung releases new robot vacuum cleaner – Jet Bot 90 AI Plus

Samsung has now released its new smart robot vacuum cleaner Jet Bot 90 AI Plus.

The vacuum cleaner is described as the world’s first equipped with a 3D-active stereo sensor that can precisely scan an area to find difficult-to-detect objects and obstacles as small as one centimeter. This then prevents the vacuum cleaner from getting stuck in small obstacles during cleaning.

Jet Bot 90 AI Plus will also be the world’s first robot vacuum cleaner with an Intel AI solution that enables it to recognize various devices and furniture. This means that it knows how close it is to cleaning things such as children’s toys or sensitive objects such as vases. The vacuum cleaner can also recognize feces from pets, glass or dangerous cables.

The vacuum cleaner also has a lidar sensor to optimize the cleaning, which also works in dimly lit rooms and under furniture. An Intelligent Power Control function can identify different types of surfaces and the amount of dust present there to automatically adjust the suction power. Its 5-layer filtration system should capture 99.99 percent of micro-dust and all parts and filters are washable. The vacuum cleaner needs to be emptied once every three months.

Samsung Jet Bot 90 AI Plus will be launched in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region in mid-July. So far, there is no information on the Swedish price.

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