Samsung’s smartwatches receive ECG and blood pressure measurement in Sweden

Samsung has received the Galaxy app Health Monitor CE-approved, thus opening up the entire EU area plus the UK for the ECG and blood pressure monitor functions in the company’s latest smartwatches: Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch Active 2.

The ECG function works just like on the Apple Watch and other smartwatches and can detect atrial fibrillation. You should sit still with your arm resting in front of you and hold a finger from the other hand on the upper button for 30 seconds.

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Blood pressure monitors are the Galaxy watches first out with and the technology Samsung has developed combines measurements of blood flow with the standard heart rate monitor and calibration data from a traditional blood pressure monitor with cuff. Users must calibrate at least every four weeks, otherwise the function is switched off so as not to risk incorrect measured values.

In addition to the 28 countries that follow the CE marking, the app also comes to Chile, the United Arab Emirates and Indonesia. The update with the new features will be released on February 4. To access the new features, you need to have Health Monitor installed on both the watch and your Samsung Galaxy phone.