Season 2 of Knockout City makes its cinemas in video

Certainly one of the surprises of this year from Electronic, the leaping and jovial Knockout City was present at EA Play Live to show what his world has in store for us next.

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Knockout City season 2 arrives exactly on July 27 and will bring, as is the rule with a lot of massively popular online titles, a new theme. It is the art on which our dear Thomas proves to be absolutely unbeatable that will be featured: the seventh. The cinema, then, if you hadn’t understood.

Fight in the cinema

So there will be something new for the game from Velan Studios. starting with a new map called Holowood’s Drive-In, you will launch your balloons into real-time changing movie sets. Universes such as the Cathedral of Horror and the Bridge of Love will follow one another. The game will also be entitled to an indite sphere, the Soda Balloon, which will cover the notches of your opponents with sweet liquid. You can also count on accoutrements and awards never seen before.

Available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, Knockout City can be played for free up to Rank 25.